Seated Scissors

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Seated Scissors

Put a twist on reverse cowgirl without overcomplicating things with the Seated Scissors sex position! This beginner-friendly position gives the penetrating partner on the bottom an unforgettable view while the receiving partner gets to bounce, grind, and control their movements at all sorts of creative angles for new penetrative sensations.

How to perform the Seated Scissors sex position

Start with the giver lying down on their back with one leg bent at the knee, then have the receiving partner straddle them with one of their legs on either side of their lover's bent leg. Insert the penis or strap-on, with the receiver bracing themselves against their partner's leg for extra support. Once everything is in position, the receiver can start moving however they like!

Why we love the Seated Scissors sex position

This position leaves a lot of open space around the receiver where they can experiment with extra angles and creative ranges of motion. They're in control of the depth, speed, and intensity, and can use the other person's leg to help prop themselves up or get more leverage and power. If you're on top and have a clitoris, try grinding it against your partner's leg (with some extra-slippery lubricant of course) for some extra external stimulation, or if you have a penis, keep one hand on your lover's knee for support while you stroke yourself with the other! A vibrating penis stroker like the Fun Factory Manta is the perfect lightweight toy that can be used on the whole shaft, or even the very base of a lover's penis for pleasure that's as versatile as you two are.


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