Roses Are Red

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Roses Are Red

If your local florist had already sold the last bouquet of a dozen red roses by the time you got there, don't fret! There's a different way to give your lover a romantic flower this Valentine's Day... 😏

How to perform the Roses Are Red sex position

Start with the penetrating partner sitting up with their legs crossed, either leaning back against their hands, a headboard or wall. The receiver straddles them, crossing their legs as well behind their lover's back and looping their hands around their shoulders or the back of their neck for stability.

Why we love the Roses Are Red sex position

This position is just like the Lotus, offering intimate eye contact and face-to-face closeness while keeping your bodies as close to each other as possible. Since it requires a lot of hip thrusting, this sex position is considered advanced by many followers of the Kama Sutra. Check out the beginner-friendly version of this position here in The Easy Up!

This position works with a penis, a strap-on, or a double-ended dildo to suit any pairing, and we recommend using a long-lasting lubricant since once you're locked in place, you're not going to want to move for anything. A thicker gel-like consistency like that of JO's H2O Jelly Lubricant is the perfect way to ensure things stay slick and slippery for ages, and it's water-based for compatibility with condoms and toys if you wanted to spice things up!


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