Hands Behind Ankles

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Hands Behind Ankles

Ready to crank things up a notch in bed? If you're both comfortable with Dominant/submissive dynamics and hog-tie bondage, this thrilling sex position is sure to spice up even the kinkiest couple's sex life!

Before you get started, it's worth noting that this advanced sex position involves complete immobilisation of the receiving partner, so be sure you have your safeword at the ready, keep communication open, and prepare to pamper each other with aftercare when the fun is done.

How to perform the Hands Behind Ankles sex position

As this is position takes a fair bit of manoeuvring to get into, we're going to give you 2 ways to get into so you can decide which one works best for you.

Method #1

Begin with the receiving partner on their stomach and have the penetrating partner secure their wrists and ankles together behind their back, either with a 4-way hog-tie cuff set, or with a pair of regular wrist cuffs on the hands, which go behind the ankles. From here, the penetrating partner supports themselves on their arms on either side of the receiver's waist and shimmies down their partner's bound body until your genitals or penetrating toys are aligned, and away you go!

Method #2

Begin with the receiving partner on their stomach and have the giver lie down on top of them, with your backs to each other. The partner being tied up then brings their wrists and ankles together around the other person, bending their knees up and placing their wrists together behind their back. The giver secures the hog-tie or cuffs, then carefully rolls themselves onto their front, using their arms to support them on either side of the receiver's body. Line everything up and you're ready to jump into action!

Why we love the Hands Behind Ankles sex position

Not only is this sex position a fun and novel way to take kinky restraint play to the next level, it also creates incredible closeness as both partners experience high levels of body contact. The receiving partner encloses their body around their lover's, which is draped down their entire back for physical intimacy you won't find in many other sex positions.

Our top cuff pick for this position is the Sportsheets® 5-Piece Hog-Tie Cuff Set™, which you can use as a hog-tie or detach from the central connector and link the individual cuffs up to each other for more versatile play!


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