Ride the Wave

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Ride the Wave

By now, we are sure you have heard of the brand-new Womanizer Wave?! This new toy is a first of its kind as a 2-in-1 shower head and pleasure device. This baby has been making waves all over social media, and how could it not be? 

Not only do we have this new toy to celebrate, we also have a cold winter we need to beat. So, let’s get hot and steamy with this week’s position. 

Firstly, let’s set the mood, grab your new Womanizer Wave or trust shower head and make sure the water is warm. Ensure the water temperature is to your liking, avoiding extreme heat as we will be aiming it at our sensitive areas. Find a comfy spot in the shower, sitting on the floor, leaning against the wall or bonus points for a shower chair/bench. Allow the room to get steamy, ensuring you’re warm and relaxed, then place the Womanizer Wave shower head against your vulva and/or clitoris.  

With 3 jet types to enjoy (PleasureWhirl & PleasureJet for clitoral stimulation, PowderRain for luxurious showering) you can explore all the different sensations and pressures your heart desires. With an ergonomic design for one-handed use with Easy Switch & Intensity Slider for easy setting + pressure adjustments, this toy is perfect for those lazy shower days. 

Want to learn more? Check out a first account blog all about the Wave, written by our very own Nora Jo.


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