trEAT Her Right

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trEAT Her Right

Following on from last week’s fan-favourite sex position, this one is another famous position and it’s not hard to see why. There’s the old saying ‘treat her right’, but we’re even bigger believers in ‘eating her right’!

First things first, set the mood and get comfortable, with the partner who is giving the oral pleasure on their back. They should find a position that supports their neck and head while also giving them space to move or adjust themselves if they need. Then, once the stage is set, the oral-receiver carefully takes their place…on their partner’s face 😉

Once in position, the partner on top can slowly release some of their weight onto the other person’s face while still keeping most of it on the knees so as not to crush their face (unless that’s what they want — we see you, you cunning cunnilinguists!). From here, the person on top is free to try different angles, pressure, and movements, like gently grinding their hips to create more friction, leaning forward for more support, or remaining upright to put more pressure on the giving partner’s face.

With positions such as this it is important to keep the communication (among other things) flowing between both partners. It may be more complicated for the base partner to communicate with words, so remember to establish hand gestures, like a gentle squeeze on the thigh to indicate the bottom partner wants the top partner to move slower, or a light tap to indicate they want less pressure on their face.

This shape is all about the person on top, but if you’re interested in adding pleasure for the base partner without increasing their workload, let a toy take care of everything down there! If the bottom partner has a penis, a compact masturbator like the Tenga Spinner is great for a position like this where the user can’t see what they’re doing. People with a vulva can enjoy internal and external stimulation all once with a wearable vibrator like the Pretty Love Jordyn — this one even has a wireless remote that the partner on top can take to control their partner’s pleasure…


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