A Meal You Can Take Pride In

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A Meal You Can Take Pride In

In honour of Mardi Gras, this week's sex position of the week is a classic, something we can all enjoy and get something out of, regardless of our parts or preferences. We know this old-school go-to can get a bad wrap, but the iconic 69 is a favourite for a reason! 

To get started, one person lies down on their back while their partner positions themselves above them on all fours, with your heads at opposite ends so they’re aligned with each other’s genitals. If only one of you has a penis, it may be easier for the penis-haver to be on the bottom so the person on top can control how deep they take their partner. Of course, if you’re feeling confident, there’s nothing wrong with flipping the script!

For something a little easier on the body, try this magical little shape while laying on your sides. You can also use pillows to prop yourself up to make it as comfortable as you need it to be. Laying on your sides takes the pressure off your joints and reduces the complexity of this position. It also takes the mental pressure off if you or your partner are feeling self-conscious about sitting on the other person’s face.

On the other hand, if you love a challenge, have you tried a standing 69? Now, this position is not for the faint of heart! Think an upside-down, back-to- front piggyback ride. We highly recommend practising this one in a safe environment with no sharp edges or breakable objects nearby — just pillows, blankets, and all that comfy stuff!

Once you’re in the 69 shape, just enjoy yourselves. Don’t feel like you need to rush to climax, that doesn’t ever need to be the aim. Simply be in the moment while you explore and devour your partner! You can make the moment even more indulgent with some flavoured lubricant — Sexyland’s customers love this crème brûlée lubricant by JO®, and we think you will too!


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