The Gift Wrap

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The Gift Wrap

It's the holiday season, and what better present is there to offer your partner than you? This week's featured bondage sex position will have you all wrapped up like the gift you are if you're feeling kinky this Christmas...

Before starting, make sure you have your safewords memorised and some safety scissors nearby in case you need to quickly cut the bound person out of their ropes. A 

How to perform The Gift Wrap sex position

The partner who will be tied up starts on their back with their legs bent at the knee, pulled toward their chest. The other person ties the thigh and ankle together with an easy-release two-column tie, then repeat for the other leg. For a more intense bondage experience, you can also tie both wrists to each thigh...

Why we love The Gift Wrap sex position

This position leaves the captive oh-so-vulnerable, deliciously helpless and totally at the mercy of their partner, who has easy access to their whole body. This makes the Gift Wrap position great for both giving and receiving oral pleasure, and also lends itself to smooth transitions between bound missionary and doggy-style if you want to switch it up!

Make sure you look the part with some lovely silky rope in a bright, festive colour like this red Scandal BDSM rope! The silky¬†material is super-smooth against the skin, which also gives it a lovely satin sheen in the light. You'll look good enough to unwrap, but what would be the fun in that? ūüėČ


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