Everyone Wants To Be The Little Spoon

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 Everyone Wants To Be The Little SpoonThis week, we’re turning doggy onto its side with this spooning sex position! There’s plenty of space for adding a little helper like a toy so you can experience the joys of multiple sensations and stimulation, which is great for spicing things up on your side…


This position involves both partners laying on their side. One partner gets behind the other as the ‘big spoon’ while the other is in front as the ‘little spoon’. Get comfy, use pillows, and find a space you’re relaxed in. With the big spoon facing the little spoon’s back, they’ll be able to explore their body with kisses, massage, touch, rubs, or penetration — the possibilities are endless! Meanwhile, the little spoon can enjoy the attention from the big spoon while simultaneously enjoying a toy between their legs. A compact finger vibrator is a fabulous choice, and you can even slip it over the big spoon’s finger to put the control in their hands, literally! Sexyland’s customers can’t get enough of Pretty Love’s Finger Bunny Vibrator, which has a stretchy silicone loop that fits over your finger. The flexible ears buzz away in 7 heavenly modes of vibration so you’re sure to find a pattern that tickles more than just your fancy…😉


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