Tie Me Up

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This week’s featured sex position is a must for you and your partner to try, whether you love being in control or prefer being controlled during sexy play sessions! This shape isn't intricate or difficult to pull off, given that it’s practically identical to regular kneeling oral, so most people should be able to perform this one (or at least a variation of the position) without difficulty. Honestly, the most difficult part of making this sex position work is just finding a sturdy and reliable object to tie them to! With that being said, however, this position does involve lots of communication and trust, similar to all sex positions involving bondage.

Always start by ensuring both parties are comfortable and informed about the shape. 

Then, the receiving partner simply stands up with their back against your chosen surface while the giving partner restrains their arms above their head. We recommend using a stair banister, pole, shower rail, or even a tree branch if you have the luxury of your own private outdoor space!

Once that’s sorted, the giving partner can get down on their knees and perform oral on the restrained person to their heart’s content. Pretty simple, right? 😉

To add an even more delicious sensation, try adding an oral vibrator like this Blow N’ Vibe! The C-shaped vibrator fits neatly around the corner of your mouth and is unisex for everyone to enjoy. It adds 3 vibration speeds + 2 patterns to enhance licking and sucking for some seriously unforgettable oral fun…


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