The Modified Butterfly

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Keen to try a spin on a classic that is comfortable and accessible? This week’s featured sex position is a modified variation of the butterfly and missionary sex positions that creates more support while allowing for more intense pleasure and deeper penetration, and who doesn’t want that? 😉

Here’s how to start: 

Firstly, we always love to stress the importance of setting and getting into the mood. Make sure both parties are immersed in the atmosphere and are excited to try a new shape.

Once you’re both ready, the partner being penetrated can get into place lying down on their back on a relatively flat, comfortable surface. If you’re craving even deeper penetration, you can add a prop or pillow under the receiver’s hips to create a comfortable angle for it. Make sure their hips are close to the edge of the surface so that the penetrating partner can thrust with ease.

From here, the penetrating partner can either stand or kneel at the edge of the surface, perfect for enjoying the view of their partner in the throes of pleasure. Now that we have the foundation of the shape, the partner lying down can prop one leg up against the other person’s shoulder, with the other leg resting against their hip or wrapped around their back for that close feeling. Then both partners can embrace each other and experiment with penetration depth and full-body body stimulation!

For added intensity and sensation, get creative and embrace toys — after all, toys are always your best friend in the bedroom! For beginners, something small enough to fit between your bodies is a perfect choice. Sexyland’s Fun Specialists love the We-Vibe® Melt™ clitoral sucker precisely for this reason.

For someone more familiar with toys, this shape is great for adding an anal plug to explore double penetration sensations! Something like the Evolved® Mighty Mini Vibrating Butt Plug is a petite but powerful toy that’s sure to spice up this shape. Its tapered but bulbous body can be felt through the anterior wall between the anus and vagina of the wearer, with and without the vibrations activated, so both people can enjoy the feeling of this plug!


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