Better Than Forking

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This week, we’re taking things sideways and rolling onto our side with this spooning sex position! This shape is easy on the joints, intimate, and allows for multiple different sensations, as well as the addition of sex toys!

This shape is best performed on a softer surface like a bed or couch to ensure both partners are comfortable laying on their sides for extended periods. Once you’re comfortable, one partner gets behind the other, becoming the ‘big spoon’, while the other is in front as the ‘little spoon’. The key to any sex position is the ability to relax with each other, let go, and simply enjoy the shape so get comfy, use pillows, and find a space you can fully relax in. This position provides full-body contact and the big spoon should soon be able to explore most of the little spoon’s body like this. They could pepper their skin with kisses, massage them, touch and rub them in areas they know the little spoon likes, and try various types of penetration with their partner. The little spoon can lap up all the attention of the big spoon while simultaneously enjoying a toy or accessory, like a compact vibrating bullet or finger vibrator to easily reach intimate areas. The little spoon can use their toy on themselves, or they can give it to the big spoon so they can take control — the possibilities are only limited by your imagination!

If you want something a little different and more intense, try adding in nipple clamps! These will add a delightful pinching sensation that straddles the line between pain and pleasure as they sensitise the nipples to even the slightest touch. They’re a great way to provide nipple stimulation while leaving everybody’s hands free to roam other areas, and you can get a set with a connecting chain for some tugging fun! For nipple play beginners, Sexyland’s customers are fans of the Alligator Nipple Clamps With Chain from Fetish Fantasy Series® (which also come in gold if you’re feeling fancy).  The sensations don’t stop at just being clamped though — once you release the clamps, the rush of blood flow to the area feels like nothing else…


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