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This week, we’re sharing how to add some spicy fun to a sex act that we know everyone has heard of, seen, and tried: the infamous blowjob. The pleasure involved is pretty obvious for about half the population, but this week’s featured sex position is about making blowjobs as pleasurable for the giver as it is for the receiver!

Let’s start with the basics and build our way up to what the final shape can look like. The receiver starts by taking a seat or laying down. A bed, couch, chair, or anything else with back support is great for the receiver to get comfortable, and since we want to make sure both parties are comfortable, don’t forget to put a cushion or thick blanket underneath the giver’s knees for additional support.

While you’re getting comfy together, communicate with each other and team up to pick a toy that adds to the pleasure and ensures the receiver can climax with the giver! If the giver is on all fours on a bed or couch, a wearable toy like the We-Vibe® Sync™ Lite or butt plug like Winyi’s Bruce Rimming Anal Plug is a great choice since they don’t require the user to hold them in place. Otherwise, if the giver is kneeling on the floor, a suction-cupped thrusting dildo such as the Lovense Gravity can be a spicy addition between their legs that lets the user experience multiple penetration sensations at once! For extra fun, all of these toys are either app-compatible or remote-controllable, meaning the receiver can adjust the toy settings to tease and please their partner hands-free while they go down on them…

Once whatever toy you’re using is in place, the giver can take their partner’s penis into their mouth to start the act. They can slide all the way down to the base or just focus on the head, swirling their tongue over and around it. This is a great way to avoid triggering a gag reflex and also feels great for the receiver since the tip of the penis is full of sensitive nerves! Have fun with this shape, explore pleasure and communicate with your partner to explore what turns one another on.


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