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Ready to ride? This week’s featured sex position is a cowgirl chair variation that embraces an intimate connection and is a great way for both parties to have an incredible orgasm together thanks to the close proximity of bodies!

To try out this sexy shape, start with the penetrating person taking a seat in a comfortable but sturdy chair or couch where they can sit upright with minimal effort. Then the person being penetrated can straddle their partner with their hips facing one another, fostering intimate eye contact and creating the best kind of friction between both bodies. The partner sitting on top can wrap their arms around their partner’s back or the chair for more support and physical closeness. By firmly pressing one another's bodies against each other, this assists in generating the friction many vulva-owners need to climax! The base partner can assist by placing their hands on the top partner's waist, hips, or rear and moving them at a pace and rhythm that feels right for both parties.

If you love the deep intimacy of this shape and want even more sensation and exploration, try adding in a wearable couples’ vibrator! The C-shaped design will comfortably cup the wearer’s body at the G-spot and clitoris, helping it stay put during play so you don’t have to reach down and fidget with it in the heat of the moment. Sexyland recommends the Winyi Helen (which is available in a remote-control and an app-compatible version), which has a flat internal head that leaves room for a penetrating partner to enjoy the vibrations too. Customers say it’s quiet while still having a decent amount of power, perfectly shaped to suit where it’s intended for, and fun for solo or partnered use!


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