Standing O-vation

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Sex while standing up is something we see in movies, TV, and spicy books, but rarely in real life. It’s usually displayed as a passionate position that people naturally find themselves in as the heat of the moment sweeps them away, which is extremely sexy but often not as smooth or glamorous in reality as it is in our fantasies. Standing sex can be a little tricky to maneuver, so here are some tips and tricks to help navigate this week’s featured sex position!

Firstly, let us remind you that using a wall, counter edge, or other prop isn’t cheating, it’s just smart. Taking the load off your bodies allows for more exploration and time spent in this shape, meaning you can enjoy it even more! For the ultimate support, an over-the-door sex swing such as the Sportsheets® Door Jam Sex Sling™ can be easily installed over a door to hold up the receiving partner. However, whether you choose to use a prop or free-stand it, this standing shape truly deserves all the hype!

Start with the penetrating partner standing in a supported position where they can take the weight of the other person. The partner being penetrated can help out here by holding their arms behind their lover’s neck and wrapping one or both of their legs around their waist/hip to assist in the hold. If the penetrating partner is significantly taller than the receiver, their best option is to pick up the smaller person and carry them during the fun while partners of similar heights may find it more comfortable to go for the one-leg wraparound technique.

From here, you two can move, thrust, grind and explore motions together that feel good, including non-penetrative play! The true allure of this shape is the intensity and intimacy since you’ll be face-to-face and making close eye contact, so explore this shape beyond penetration if that’s your thing and enjoy the passionate vibe of standing sex!


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