The Pretzel

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Sex Position of the week the pretzel

Love the deeper penetration of doggy-style but miss the view from missionary? This week's featured sex position is the Pretzel, which ticks both boxes for fantastic physical and visual stimulation!

How to perform the Pretzel sex position

(This position takes a bit of manoeuvring, so we'll be discussing it in terms of the receiver being on the right side of their body to make our explanation easier to visualise and understand. However, you can also pull this position off on the left, just mirror all the directions.)

Start with the receiving partner flat on their back and the penetrating partner straddling one leg. The receiver then rolls either their whole body or just their lower body onto the side of the leg their partner is on, so if their partner was on their right leg, the receiver would rotate their hips onto their right side. Either partner can take the left leg (the one that's not being straddled), bend it at the knee to bring it up to the receiver's chest and pull it across their body to wrap around their lover's waist. The receiver's left leg should now be around your partner's waist on their left (which is the receiver's right), with the penetrating partner supporting the underside of the thigh against their stomach and now you're ready to rock and roll! They can also hold the leg with one or both hands, or not, depending on what they'd rather be doing with their hands...

Why we love the Pretzel sex position

Phew, that was a journey! We promise it was worth it though. This sex position offers an exciting new sideways angle that allows for deeper penetration than regular missionary, similar to sex from behind, while still allowing you two to enjoy the intimacy and visual stimulation of face-to-face sex! The receiver can also decide how much twisting they want to do in this position, and the giver can lean forward for even deeper penetration if both people are comfortable.

It's possible for both partners' hands to be free, letting you touch, caress, and grab anything you like, including some extra lubricant or a toy! Since this position doesn't leave a lot of room for the legs to move further apart, something compact like the We-Vibe Melt is a great choice for easy navigation and dual stimulation while you two play.


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