Spring Forward

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Sex position of the week Spring it forward

We've all seen this one done in those oh-so-hot moments onscreen where the couple starts kissing, one person jumps into their partner's arms, legs get wrapped around waists, and then the real action ensues. This is a great upright sex position that'll get both of you up and out of bed, perfect for shaking off those winter blues!

How to perform the Spring Forward sex position

Start with both partners standing, facing each other. While it looks hot in the movies when the receiver jumps up against their partner's chest, it might be easier for the two of you to work together to get the angle right – this sex position can be a bit of a workout on its own as it is! Once you're both ready for penetration, go ahead and ensure that both partners have a good grip on each other. We recommend the giver to hold their lover up from under the upper thighs while the receiving partner keeps their legs wrapped behind the other person's back and their hands interlocked behind the neck.

You can also position the receiver's back against a wall for extra support or have them sit on a raised surface, like the kitchen counter or a washing machine to get the right height without straining either person's arms.

Why we love the Spring Forward sex position

In addition to being the perfect excuse to throw off the covers and break out of your cold weather rut, this sex position has great intimacy. The face-to-face closeness is great for hot AF eye contact, passionate kissing, and dirty talk whispered directly into each other's ears if you're both into that sort of thing.

For a position that has the potential to require a lot of physical exertion and tricky angles, having enough lubricant on hand (well, other places really) is essential. Sexyland's Fun Specialists are big fans of the Swiss Navy™ Silicone Lubricant, which is super long-lasting and comes in a convenient pump that only requires one hand to use. Both of these are ideal qualities in a lubricant, because once you're in this position, you're not going to want to interrupt the flow of the fun for anything!


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