The Seated Backbend

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Sexyland Sex Position of the Week - The Seated Back Bend

As the sun peeks out from behind the fading clouds of the mid-year cold, it's time for you to peek out from under the doona too and get back into the swing of things! This week's featured sex position is sure to be something that feels outside-the-box without taking a lot of energy and exertion, perfect if you're still easing out of your winter hibernation...

How to perform the Seated Backbend sex position

Start with the receiving partner straddling their lover's lap, with hips aligned to be flush with each other. The receiving partner then lies back to rest their back on the giver's outstretched legs. It's best if penetration occurs before they lean back so that way the giver can lean forward with them as they go, if the angle is more comfortable that way. The receiver can leave their legs bent at the knee or straighten them depending on their flexibility and comfort. Either or both partners can hold onto each other's wrists for extra stability and leverage as they grind and thrust away!

Why we love the Seated Backbend sex position

Once you're in place, this position is sure to feel totally novel and is easy enough that even beginners can pull it off. It gives you new angles to enjoy the action from, especially the penetrating partner, who gets a fantastic view of their lover laying stretched out in front of them!

Best toys for the Seated Backbend sex position

If you often find that the attachments on vibrating cockrings are too long to really hit the spot, this could be the perfect position to try getting that perfect angle with. Sexyland's customers can't get enough of the Screaming O Charged Ohare Vibrating Cockring, with multiple reviews saying how impressed they are with the amazing vibration power, awesome battery life, and how satisfied both partners were! Why not give it a try and see if your clitoris or perineum agree?


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