Saddle Up, It’s Cuffing Season

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Saddle Up, It’s Cuffing Season

Winter is gradually coming to a close, but that doesn’t mean cuffing season is ending! In this final week of winter, our featured sex position of the week invites you to fully embrace cuffing season and heat up the last moments of the cold season, Sexyland-style… ⛓️

Before delving into this position, it’s crucial to get consent and establish open communication (plus a safeword) to ensure everyone feels safe and secure at all times. If one or both of you are BDSM beginners, you can ease yourselves into the situation by creating a relaxed atmosphere and incorporating soft touches, kisses, massages, and other forms of foreplay that both of you enjoy.

Once the groundwork is laid, let's dive in!

To get started, assemble yourselves in the cowgirl position, with the penetrating partner on their back. Gently tie them down with your chosen restraints — Sexyland recommends an under-bed restraint kit like the Scandal® Bed Restraints Wrist & Ankle Cuff Bondage System, which has 4 Velcro® cuffs for both wrists and ankles, plus connecting tethers and an extra-long extension to fit any bed, whether you’re fitting it under the mattress or around bedposts.

Depending on the receiving partner's preference while on top, they can perform their part in this position while kneeling or squatting. The beauty of this setup lies in the fact that the partner on top wields complete control over their own pleasure, as well as their partner's. If the receiving partner has a vulva, this position provides an excellent opportunity to experiment with various pressures while grinding against the partner on the bottom. For more stimulation, a finger vibrator like this Vibrating Textured Finger Teaser Ring is perfect for this shape — the top partner can use it on themself or tease their partner with even more sensations!


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