Getting Frisky

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Getting Frisky

Is there anything more refreshing than a rinse in the shower after a hot summer's day at the beach or in the pool? How about a steamy romp with your lover under the streaming water? If you're lucky enough to have a private outdoor shower, you'll even get to enjoy the fresh breeze while you're at it!

How to perform the Getting Frisky sex position

Both partners start standing, with the receiver spreading their legs and raising their arms up keep their core elongated and open. The penetrating partner then enters from behind, grasping their lover's waist or coming in with one hand pressing on the navel and the other grasping their throat if that's something you're both comfortable with. The receiver can loop their arms behind their partner's neck for extra support and full body-to-body contact that's oh-so-intimate!

Why we love the Getting Frisky sex position

Normally in the summer, the idea of every inch of your sweaty skin being stuck to your partner's is enough to make anyone cringe, but with this position being in the shower, the constant stream of water keeps you nice and cool for easy separation. Anything that helps us avoid that gross peeling noise is a winner in our books!

Since there's likely to be water trickling all over your bodies, you're going to want a water-resistant lubricant that lasts ages to ensure a slick glide while you play. This concentrated version of Pjur's original silicone-based lubricant offers a buttery-smooth finish that stands up to water, making it perfect for wet and wild experiences! Its super-concentrated formula is extremely efficient and sits on top of skin rather than absorbing in so you can be sure it'll keep things flowing for as long you want. When your fun is done, just rinse off with a bit of body wash or soap and you'll be squeaky clean again!


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