The Table Top

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The Table Top

Couples of wildly different heights, this one's for you! This week's featured sex position is great for face-to-face action and helps everything align at the right level without you two having to do any crazy yoga or get into uncomfortable positions that bend more than just your minds...

How to perform the Table Top sex position:

This position works great on any surface that hits the penetrating partner at groin height, like a table, counter, couch arm, or bed. Have them stand and enter the receiver, who can be sitting up or lying back on the edge of the chosen surface while facing their lover. The receiver can either grip their partner's hips with their inner legs, or place their feet on their lover's chest for more control over speed and thrusting depth. You can also hold onto each other's hips, waists, arms, or shoulders for extra support if the ride gets really wild!

Why we love the Table Top sex position:

This position offers direct face-to-face intimacy for hot AF eye contact, a nice view for both of you, and passionate kissing if you're both willing to meet in the middle or one of you is willing to really work out their core. It's especially great for couples with drastic height differences as it helps you line up your genitals without any awkward contorting that other positions better suited to similar-height pairings may require.

If you feel like indulging your Dominant and submissive sides, a collar and leash set like the Roomfun - Silicone Collar With Chain Leash is just the thing to take this position to the next level! The giver can maintain a firm grip on the leash or wrist loop to ensure their lover never breaks eye contact with them during playtime...


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