The Mind Blower

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The Mind Blower

Now this sex position is one we can confidently say everyone has heard of, seen, and probably tried: the infamous blowjob. This little number is famous for a reason — it’s a great time, especially for the receiver! Of course, it’s called a job for a reason, so this week, we’re going to make giving head just as much fun for the person putting in all the work 😉

Start with the receiver undressing and taking a seat, leaning against the bed’s headboard or wall. A couch, chair, or anything else with back support is also a great way to prop the receiver upright while the giver kneels down to pleasure them. Both people should be comfortable, so don’t forget to put a cushion or thick blanket underneath the giver’s knees! From here, they can get started, taking their partner’s penis into their mouth and bobbing their head along its length. They can also just focus on the head, moving their tongue over and around it. This is a great way to avoid triggering a gag reflex, and also feels great for the receiver!

To take the pressure off the receiver and make things even better for the giver, an oral vibrator is an easy way to spice things up (and yes, vibrators can go in your mouth). The Blow N' Vibe 5X Oral Vibrator has a comfortable curved shape that sits on the corner of the wearer’s mouth and adds 5 vibration modes to the fun! It's a fantastic way to get the sensation of a ‘hummer’ without the user actually having to hum while working their magic, and with fewer things to think about, they can just enjoy getting lost in the moment!


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