Shared Oral

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Shared Oral

The more players there are, the more foreplay fun there is to be had! If you're in a throuple, a polycule, or are having a special guest make a cameo appearance in addition to your usual cast, this group oral sex position is a fabulous way to get everyone warmed up and rarin' to go...

How to perform the Shared Oral sex position

If you're in a threesome, start with two partners lying on their backs next to each other, with the third partner taking turns going down on them. If you have more people involved, you can decide how many givers there are to ensure that everyone is being tended to at once, or you can make some of your lovers wait their turn to build up anticipation!

We love the idea of mixing and matching different flavoured lubricants with this oral sex position to create fun new flavour profiles. You can try mixing sweet and fruity flavours together for a fruit salad effect that blends beautifully across all your partners, or deliciously decadent dessert flavours for an indulgent experience all of you will remember for ages to come!


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