Getting Started - Vibrating or Non-Vibrating

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To Vibrate or Not to Vibrate... That is the Question

While many people swear by vibrators, a sex toy that vibrates isn’t always a preferred choice for everyone. There are a variety of other options and alternatives to vibrating sex toys that offer a variety of different pleasure options. For many people, the buzzing sensation experienced with vibrators is just the thing they need to reach that pinnacle and beyond. For some, the vibrations can be a distraction and cause a numbing sensation, making it less pleasurable. Some vibrators offer a low intensity vibration which is perfect for some. Many people prefer something with a vibration intensity that could rival an earthquake. Location matters too! Where is your toy going to vibrate and which part of you is going to feel these vibrations? One way to test if you will enjoy vibration is to take your finger and tab gently against your sweet spots. Try it with more intensity. Did you want more? Maybe a vibrator is just the thing!

Alternatively, there are other options that provide stimulation in different ways that don’t rely on vibrations. Some sex toys offer a thrusting motion that mimics the actions of sexual intercourse. Of course, these toys often come with the option of simultaneous vibrations so be sure to check that the features available match your needs.

Every body is different which means every sex toy need is going to be different. Sometimes, it’s best to just dive in and give something new a try. There really is no better way of finding out what will work best for you.

The Pretty Love Otis isn't your ordinary sex toy. Rather than vibrate, it features a sucking function that stimulates a woman's clitoral region with mind-blowing results. Some women say it leaves them in a quivering state of arousal, ready for their lover to finish the job while others love the size and creative freedom it allows.

Pretty Love Otis

The Pretty Love Otis is a suction based massager with 7 different suction functions. This little ergonomic shaped pleasure sucker is made with smooth silicone and has an auto cleaning function built in for easy clean.


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