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Do you like it big or small? Does size really matter?

Everyone always talks about how size matters when it comes to sex. Truth is, bigger isn’t always better. Size really isn’t the only factor to consider. It’s great if you’re someone who likes a full, filling sensation but you also have to ask yourself if that size is going to enable you to hit the right spots or if it’s going to hinder your ability to target those elusive sweet spots effectively.

Sometimes, what you really need is a properly shaped toy that has all the right angles and all the right vibrations in the right places. For a first time buyer, it’s usually best to choose a toy that specifically targets your erogenous zones.

Pretty Love Magic Fingers

The Pretty Love Magic Fingers Vibrator is designed to provide intense inner pleasure, it's perfectly curved shape is ideal for the sensual stimulation of your G-spot. A textured base further stimulates externally providing mind blowing orgasms. Magic Fingers is smooth and velvety with a matte-finish and offers 12 stimulating vibration settings which are controlled using the wireless remote control.


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