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Batteries vs Rechargeable - Which is best?

When choosing a toy, it’s also important to consider how it is powered. There are many advantages and disadvantages to most options and this is something you’ll want to weigh on before choosing.

Battery powered toys are often easy to use, have a long lasting life and no wait time for your toy to charge. The disadvantage being that you have to replace the batteries which can be a huge buzz kill if you’ve suddenly realised you have no batteries left!

On the other hand, there are rechargeable toys which can often be charged with a simple USB charger. These toys are usually a better option in the long run if you prefer not spending money on batteries but the disadvantage is that you have to wait for your toy to charge to play with it. You’ll also want to be mindful of the run time. Some toys will hold a charge longer than others. 

The Optimum Power Rechargeable Grip-N-Stroke Masturbation Sleeve will give you hours of explosive orgasms with its USB Rechargeable function.

Grip-N-Stroke Masturbation Sleeve

The Optimum Power Rechargeable Grin-N-Stroke Masturbation Sleeve is a fully self-contained vibration power stroker packed with 30 functions of vibration, 2 removable sleeves and pressure sensitive squeeze pads for a completely customizable stroking experience.


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