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Traditional or Non-Traditional Shaped Toys?

Because every body is shaped different, his or her needs are also going to be different. There are a multitude of different shapes and varieties of sex toys to choose from that are designed to suit the many different types of bodies. Some people might prefer a toy that is shaped like a penis because… well… if a penis turns you on, there’s a strong likelihood that a toy shaped like a penis is going to also get you aroused. That’s not to say that you won’t enjoy toys shaped like an egg or a bullet or some other funky shape. Most toys are designed to feel good and that doesn’t always mean it has to be shaped like an actual body part. For that reason, sex toys come in many shapes and sizes.

Truth be told, the shapes of sex toys are moving further and further away from the traditional shapes every day. We’re now seeing toys shaped like animals, toys with unusual curves, toys you can wear in your underwear and more. Toy creators are always working hard to find new and innovative ways of pleasuring you and as it turns out, pleasure can be found in some of the most bizarre shapes. Sometimes, it doesn’t hurt to just take a chance and try something completely new and different.

The Satisfyer Vibes - Power Flower Vibrator is one of the most uniquely shaped vibrators on the market with its flower shaped silicone tip.

Satisfyer Vibes - Power Flower

The Satisfyer Vibes, Power Flower Vibrator is a small tribute to the love, peace and rock 'n' roll of the 70's. Due to the narrow, split tips, there are many possibilities of stimulation vaginally as well as externally by letting its soft petals dance around your pleasure bud.


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