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Internal or External Stimulation - What Turns You On?

When most people think of sex toys, they often envision a phallic toy that is inserted internally to bring about a pleasing response, however, sexual gratification is far more complex. A person’s body responds to sexual stimuli both internally and externally, which is why there are toys available for almost every need.

A woman for example can easily be stimulated externally in many ways. Her nipples are almost always an erogenous zone that when stimulated, can increase her arousal ten-fold. Some women say they can even orgasm from nipple stimulation alone! Her clitoris is also a very erogenous zone and simply stimulating her there is often enough to bring her to the brink of orgasm and beyond.

We all hear about the magical g-spot that is located deep inside of her but because a woman is capable of different types of orgasms, the types of stimulation she needs varies. Women are also very lucky to be able to have internal and external orgasms simultaneously and there are sex toys made just for those occasions too.

Men can also be stimulated both externally and internally. His penis is often the organ that most people think to stimulate first for orgasmic responses which is an external stimulation but he can also enjoy powerful orgasms when stimulated internally, through the anus by massaging his prostate. This is why there are an incredible range of anal sex toys available for men, also for women since women can also enjoy anal stimulation.

Like women, men are also able to enjoy nipple stimulation so don’t leave him out of the fun there! When choosing a sex toy or adding to your sex toy collection, you’ll want to consider the different types of stimulation you want to experience and what is best to achieve that. The His Nipple Kit is the perfect external sex toy for the man who loves to have his nipples stimulated.

His Nipple Kit

Put the pressure on with this customised assortment of His Nipple Clamp Accessory Kit. Reach your desired pleasure with Nipple Vises and Nipple Play Advanced Nipple Suckers. Next, turn it on with intensely powerful waterproof nipple clamps which provide a vibrating sensation like no other. Nipple suction toys simulate the erotic sensations of getting your nipples sucked.


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