Why Women Use Vibrators

Here are some other reasons women choose to use vibrators & reasons some women might not even think of:

Achieving Powerful Orgasms:
Simply put, achieving an orgasm with a sex toy is often just easier and better. Not only are the vibrations absolutely exhilarating, you can hit all the spots your partner might not be able to reach and repeatedly with the right pressure and vibrations. Sometimes just getting the timing right does the trick. Sure, we enjoy the in and out sensations of sexual intercourse, but sometimes... we just need that in to stop and stay a minute... and really resonate within. Only we know when that moment is right so it's easier to don the toy and make the magic happen.

Vibrators are Efficient:
There's very little effort required. Sometimes just the vibrations alone affect a woman's sensory input in just the right way to achieve not only a great orgasm but that complete level of satisfaction many women crave.  

So Many Options Available:
Vibrators come in different varieties that achieve different kinds of orgasms. Because women are fortunate enough to experience different types of orgasms, we often need different types of stimulation to reach those points. While some vibrators are masterful in that they cover nearly all bases, sometimes, it's just nice to have a toy that is specifically designed to target that one particular sweet spot. These toys are also often the easiest to use with our partners so there's room for another player to engage in the fun. Some of the types of vibrators women love are those that target the clitoral, G-spot and anal.

Great for Kegel Exercises:
Another benefit for women is the sex toys that are designed to help strengthen her pelvic floor muscles by improving the tone and elasticity of her vaginal walls. With age and childbirth, many women experience a change in muscle tone in the pelvic floor. By using sex toys that require her to clench and release those muscles, she helps to strengthen and tone them which ultimately leads to better and more pleasurable sex. The Strawberry Kegel Training Kit is specifically designed to revitalise and strengthen her pelvic floor muscles using 6 gradually weighted exercises to gently increase both intensity and pleasure.

Kegel Training Kit - Strawberry

Squeeze, relax, repeat with the Strawberry Kegel Training Kit to revitalise and strengthen love muscles with the unique 6-piece set. Give your pelvic floor muscles the training they have been craving with 6 gradually weighted exercisers to gently increase exercise intensity and sexual pleasure. The kegel weights are made from a medical grade silicone. This body safe material is unscented and phthalate free to keep your most sensitive spots happy and healthy.


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