Benefits for Everyone

Benefits of vibrators to both men and women include:

Mental Health:
A healthy sexual wellness has long been associated with better mental health overall in both men and women. Sex is more than just a physical sensation. It affects every part of your being, including your emotional and psychological well-being. Sex isn't just happening to your sexual organs. It's happening to every part of you, including your brain. For people who are experiencing trouble achieving sexual satisfaction turning to sex toys is often the best option.

Fun for Couples:
What are the best couples toys? There are many! You can buy toys that provide the right combination of stimulation for both parties so that you can both enjoy the stimulating vibrations simultaneously during intercourse or through other sex play activities. Your imagination is the limit to the amount of fun you can experience with using sex toys. Sometimes, just the thrill of having your partner using a foreign object on your body in a sensual manner is so incredibly overpowering that you can reach new levels of orgasmic bliss. The anticipation alone, wondering what your partner will try next can be a very serious turn on and can build up the sensual experience to a level that can be quite explosive. Of course, you also have the option of vibrators that can be worn during sex by one partner that give simultaneous stimulation to both partners. The We-Vibe Match Couples Vibrator is a popular choice for many couples as it provides dual stimulation and shared pleasure during sex with deep, powerful vibrations. With its wireless remote control, you’ll have effortless control so nothing interferes in the moment of passion.

Hands-free Orgasms:
Who doesn't want to have a sensational climax without having to work hard to achieve it? Sex toys are now becoming more ergonomic and designed to fit just right so that it reaches all of the sensitive sweet spots.

Better Sleep & Overall Performance:
Using sex toys for sexual enhancement and gratification often helps to improve our sleep. Let's face it. After a good orgasm, most of us either feel rejuvenated or ready to relax and get some rest. Just hearing the buzzing sensation of a vibrator before bedtime can be pretty relaxing. But sometimes it's that relaxing sensation afterwards that gives our bodies that momentary pause we sometimes need to get through the rest of our day. Either way you look at it, those orgasms are going to make you feel better. 

We-Vibe Match Couples Vibrator

We-Vibe Match Couples Vibrator is worn during sex, delivering intense stimulation and rumbly vibrations to both the G-spot and clitoris.

The We-Vibe Match Couples Vibrator features customised control settings for easy to navigate, precise control, how you want it. Match's remote control allows you to select intensity and vibration modes that fit the mood, in the moment. Choose from 10 vibration modes and 10 levels of intensity.


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