Why Men Use Vibrators

Some of the reasons men are now choosing male vibrators include these:

Endless Possibilities
Using a vibrator gives you an added sensation you simply cannot achieve by simply using your hands. Vibrators can be used to stimulate the head of the penis while massaging other areas of the groin and scrotum simultaneously. Not only can you apply vibrator stimulation to the external areas of the male anatomy, you may also want to try anal stimulation and discover the pleasures of anal play. The Kink Caged 2 Vibrating Cock Cage & Plug will give you the best of all worlds. Not only will it provide vibrating stimulation to the shaft with a bullet at the top to please your partner, it also features an attached anal plug for backdoor fun and a built-in ball strap.

Prostate stimulation is said to produce an incredibly explosive orgasm. When choosing your anal toys, be sure to select one with a flared base so that the toy is not sucked up into the rectum. If you’re looking for something simple and effective, it's usually best to choose a prostate toy that is ergonomically curved to enhance prostate stimulation but also has a flared base to hold it firmly in place. Using sex toys enables you to discover multiple pleasure points you might not have been aware of before.

Stronger & Longer Erections:
Wearable male vibrators are incredibly beneficial to men who suffer from erectile dysfunction. By using a toy that sits just under the shaft, you will be able to better stimulate blood flow to the penis which will in turn help you reach arousal faster. Blood flow is essential for a strong erection. Viagra is often used to stimulate blood flow, but you can achieve similar results just by using a vibrator that is designed to stimulate the right parts of the penis. Some male vibrators, such as the Optimale Vibrating Cock Cage are great choices for couples as it stimulates both partners simultaneously. In addition to the obvious benefits, this toy also comes with a wireless remote which takes the level of control to a whole new level of pleasure! 

Kink, Caged 2 Vibrating Silicone Cock Cage & Plug

Kink's Caged 2 Vibrating Silicone Cock Cage w/ Anal Plug takes sleeves and rings to another level with a longline design, built-in ball strap, and two powerful vibrating bullets positioned for double pleasure.


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