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Sensual S&M play includes both punishment and reward. The dual purpose, Soft Scandal Flogger gives the dominant role player the ability to deliver punishment with a few well placed swats on their partner's backside or reward their obedience with teasing, ticking caresses. The soft scandal flogger makes bondage play an erotic experience for both the submissive and the dominant.

Use the flog tassels to trace your partner's skin, arousing the nerve endings with each gentle stroke until your caresses move toward gentle spanks and eventuate to a hard and fast flogging experience that tantalizes your submissive's senses with simultaneous pleasure and pain.

  • Sturdy, designer fabric handle
  • Soft teasing tassels
  • Convenient strap
  • Polyester (fabric) Polyester with Phthalate-Free PVC (handle) PVC (tassels, loop) Nickel-Free Iron (rivets)

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