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Disturbed Friends Adult Card Game is a party game designed to find out how disturbed your friends are, but, more importantly, how disturbed they think you are. You will be faced with horrible situations and unethical debates that may cause you to re-evaluate your friendships.

Disturbed Friends Adult Card Game contains explicit language and content that may be offensive. The objective was to produce a game that most people would find revolting, and to push limits both legally and ethically.

The game is simple. You ask a multiple choice question. The other players vote on an answer that they think you will choose.

This game should be banned! Possibly the worst party game ever made.

Warning! this card game contains coarse language and explicit content. You will be offended. It is also completely satire and you should seek immediate medical attention if using for prolonged periods.

Disturbed Friends Adult Card Game contains:

  • 380 cards plus rules
  • 250 disturbing questions
  • 100 offensive #WINNING cards
  • A party card game you will wish you never played
  • Vote on what you think your friends will do in horrible situations
  • Includes game rules & voting cards for up to 10 players

    Example Questions:

    When I'm about to orgasm, please...
    a) tell me you love me.
    b) finger my ass hole.
    c) punch me in the face.

    The most awkward thing a woman can do during sex is...
    a)require the Heimlich manoeuvre from choking on semen.
    b) have explosive farts in the doggy style position.
    c) call you their father's name while crying.

    I would at least approve of my son or daughter bringing home...
    a) a rapist.
    b) a Nazi.
    c) a telemarketer.

    The grossest thing I would eat is...
    a) fried rats.
    b) chocolate covered bull testicles.
    c) yeast infected pussy.

    The one thing I would love to avoid the rest of my life is...
    a) prison
    b) premature ejaculation
    c) boarding a Malaysian airline.

    I think the grosses thing that could turn a woman on...
    a) their uncle's scent.
    b) a homeless man wearing a crop top.
    c) their gynaecologist's fingers.

    I would die of embarrassment if my best friend saw my dad...
    a) jerking off to photos of my best friend.
    b) smoking crack while wearing a tutu.
    c) finger banging a cat.

    I think the most disturbing thing a parent can do for their son is...
    a) buy him an artificial pussy for his birthday.
    b) breast feed him until he is eighteen years old.
    c) give him a prostate exam.

    If you love this game, be sure to pick up the  Disturbed Friends Stand-alone Mini Game so you can have fun on the go!

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