Winter Getaway - Bedroom Fantasies #71

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Winter Getaway - Bedroom Fantasies #71

The doors snapped closed on the gondola as the cogs overhead made a whirring noise. The capsule rumbled forward and began to propel us up towards the dark mountain top. This was a weekend away that Daniel was looking forward to and he hoped that Amanda would enjoy the break from their city lives. When they arrived at the Eagles Nest station at the top of the mountain, they stepped out into a pristine winter evening with a full moon assisting to light their surroundings. It was cold, isolated, and nature at its finest.

They giggled and slid their way along the path to the restaurant where Daniel had arranged for a table looking back down along the valley floor to the village, where the lights twinkled like a little fairy land. 

The dinner is local fare and they decide to linger at the bar after dinner to chat with other visitors to the mountain while sampling the schnapps menu. The resident DJ is spinning some tunes and the crowd are moving toward the dancefloor to show off their relaxed, schnapps-induced, gyrating moves. The intoxicating combination of music and alcohol has the entire dancefloor feeling like they are starring in their own music video. Amanda was dancing with a group of other girls when Daniel returned from the bar with refills. He stood to the side and watched her move effortlessly to the music and was quite enjoying her performance with her newfound friends as they traced each other's bodies and started to grind up closer to each other.

Having finished his drink and not yet delivered Amanda's, Daniel made his way up behind her. He pressed up behind her and she instantly reached her hand around to squeeze his buttock cheek. Amanda was excited by Daniel's return to the group, and she could feel his excitement pressing into her from behind. She dipped her finger in the butterscotch schnapps and offered the tip of her finger to Daniel's slightly parted lips. He licked her finger before taking her finger into his mouth down to the knuckle and massaged her finger with his tongue. Amanda smiled and went back to her newfound friends to finish their dance. 

As the night was getting on, people were starting to leave and Amanda noticed there was now a quiet corner next to the fireplace in the shadows with a leather couch begging to be utilised. She slid up next to Daniel and whispered to him to follow her. They sat down on the soft old leather couch, Daniel next to the armrest and Amanda right beside him. They continued to watch their new friends on the dancefloor as they began to explore with wandering hands. Amanda had a dress on that was easily able to allow Daniel's hands to smooth over her legs and up to her hips. Amanda had her hand on Daniel's thigh and was running her fingers teasingly up the inside of his leg. Then Amanda slid up onto Daniel's knee and started to kiss his soft lips. She let her tongue explore his mouth and she nibbled on his lip so he could come up for air. Sitting on his knee, she could feel there were some constriction issues in the front of his suit pants and she started to unzip his fly. She then repositioned herself so that she was facing the dancefloor ahead of her and Daniel gently slid her G string to the side so he could enter her.

People were still dancing, but the grinding that was happening on the couch was at a whole new level. Daniel moaned as he entered Amanda and could feel how wet she was and excited to be playing out one of her fantasies of having sex in a public place. Amanda kept grinding to the music and didn't miss a beat when the drinks waiter came by to take their next order. Normally shy and not one for a spectacle, here was Amanda in a restaurant, on the couch next to the fireplace, keeping in time with the music as her lover's cock was pulsing deep inside her. She was breathless with excitement and didn't want this night to end. 

Last drinks were called and they made their way to the gondola for their return to the village where they were staying for the night. Amanda asked if she and Daniel could have a gondola to themselves for the return journey, a wish that was granted with a wink from the operator. Again the doors clicked shut and they were on their way. The capsule seemed to be moving slower this time as they descended the mountain. Amanda stood up and removed her long coat, admiring the view of the twinkling fairy lights in the distance. Daniel, now also standing, grabbed her hips and pulled them into his. He nuzzled into Amanda's neck and ran kisses down to her breasts, which he supported in his hands, and gave the nipples a squeeze. His hands wandered their way further down her body. He drew his lips away from her and gave her a quizzical look when he realised she was now completely naked. Amanda gestured towards her handbag as the new location of her underwear. 

Daniel ran his hand along Amanda's pubic bone and slid his fingers down to gently start rubbing her clit and sliding his fingers inside her. He could feel instantly how hot and wet she was despite the near zero temperatures outside. He then placed his fingers in Amanda's mouth so she could taste how horny she was. Daniel was so turned on by the fact Amanda had prepared by removing her underwear before leaving the restaurant and now she was hot, wet, and moaning for him to be inside her again. He was also desperate to be inside her and turned her around so she could put one leg up on the seat and enjoy the view. All the while he was sliding in and out of her, rubbing her clit and thrusting deeper into her with each stroke. The gondola crossed a tower and shuddered, as did Amanda with a moan and begged Daniel to not stop. 

As he reached up to squeeze her nipples and nuzzle into her neck, Amanda's fingers slid down to continue the clitoral stimulation that was going to totally push her over the edge. Amanda's body shuddered and she let out a primal moan as she came hard on Daniel's cock that was pulsing deep inside her. They almost fell back into their seat with Daniel holding Amanda tightly and still feeling her orgasmic juices flow over his cock. They could see the gondola was almost back to the Village, and quickly tidied themselves for their disembarkation. It was a 10 minute walk from the lift to their cottage they were staying in and the cold night air, as well as the thoughts of what might follow, hurried them along.

Daniel had prepared the spa before they left so it was ready for use on their return. The air was freezing but the spa was warm and bubbly. They crunched across the snow to slide into the spa and get some relief from the outside temperature. There was a bottle of champagne wedged in the snow and a platter of snacks beside the spa. Amanda took a strawberry and used the textbook manoeuvre to offer it to Daniel from her lips. Before long Amanda's breasts and nipples were pressed hard into the snow as Daniel thrust into her from behind. The hot and cold sensation was too much for Amanda, who came hard and quickly. 

Not realising that their cottage shared this outdoor area with another, they were surprised to be joined in the spa by another couple whom they had seen earlier in the evening. They introduced themselves as Jack and Sophie and shimmied their way into the bubbles. Jack said to Daniel, "sounds like you were having a good time out here, we didn't want to miss out."

Amanda and Daniel both blushed as they didn't know they were being watched and thought they were in a private area. Sophie then said, "Well, I guess it's our turn to put on a little show for you two." Jack then reaches over to his phone and starts to fiddle with the screen. Within seconds, Sophie is arching her back and trying to grip onto the handrail of the steps. Jack winks at Daniel and Amanda before pressing another button on his phone. Sophie relaxes again. Sophie then explains they have a new toy that is remote controlled, and that Jack likes to just 'surprise' Sophie by setting off different patterns to see her reaction. He tries out a couple more before he gives warning that this next one has been his favourite reaction so far.

Daniel has Amanda straddling his knees and is playing with her clit under the water while they watch what is about to unfold. Jack announces, "...and this one is called 'Fireworks'!" With that, Jack taps on the app and makes his way over to Sophie who's already starting to breathlessly wriggle and shake. Sophie's toy pulsing inside her is making it very difficult to sit quietly and hold a conversation with their new friends. She is gripping the handrail tight and her body is desperately calling silently for Jack to be inside her. Daniel and Amanda are a bit confronted, but more turned on by this and can't take their eyes away from what's happening at the other end of the spa.

Once again, Daniel finds his way inside Amanda who is now also starting to rock back and forth, wordlessly demanding he fuck her harder. At the other end of the spa, Sophie is now becoming quite vocal in her demands and Jack is obliging by wrapping her legs around him while standing in front of her so he is now also gaining the benefits of the vibrations. For more effect, he then lifts Sophie from the spa and puts her on all fours in front of him. He runs his tongue along her vaginal lips and wiggles his tongue inside her, then places some strawberries just inside Sophie and licks and sucks them out, savouring the flavours. Sophie is only interested in one thing at this point. Jack drives himself deep inside her and she lets out a relieved sigh. He is then caught up in the vibrations and begins to stroke in and out while holding Sophie's hands together behind her back with her fabric headband as a restraint.

He has total control of her and they are both on the edge of reaching the pinnacle of the fireworks pattern throbbing inside her. Daniel and Amanda are engrossed in this display, which is also helping their enthusiasm, with Amanda now perched on the step, straddling Daniel so she can bob up and down, taking him in and out of her at the speed and depth of her pleasure. He is running his nails down her back and pulling on her hair before he pulls her down on to him and starts rocking hard against her. All the while, Daniel is holding Amanda's neck across to one side so she has some limitation to her breathing, which excites her even more. Both couples are now watching each other in their race to orgasm. The toy delivers its final busts of pulsating vibration which makes Jack and Sophie collapse into each other before retreating back under the water of the spa to warm up. In their afterglow, they watch Daniel and Amanda climax again. Both couples now spent, bid each other goodnight and make arrangements for an early morning bathing session tomorrow.

Submitted by Amanda from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

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