Venus - Bedroom Fantasies #63

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Bedroom Fantasies - Venus

I was sitting on the couch with my girl and she turned to me and asked if I wanted her to give me a massage. I responded, “That sounds amazing!”

She stood up, took my hand in hers and led me to the bedroom. She motioned for me to lay on the bed and I eagerly slipped my clothes off down to my jocks and laid down on my back. She gracefully slipped out of her soft cotton summer dress, under which she was wearing nothing but a pair of emerald green satin panties trimmed with black lace.

We decided it would be more fun if we were both naked, so I slipped my jocks off and flung them to the floor with my foot. She slowly wriggled her panties down over her round bottom and curvy thighs with her thumbs, then daintily stepped out of them and left them by the bedside. She then hopped onto the bed and positioned herself so my head ended up on her warm lap so she could sit behind me and have full access to my neck and shoulders.

Feeling the warmth of her body positioned behind me, I was full of anticipation of the first touch of her fingers on my skin. Ever so gently, she started by running her fingertips through my hair, her manicured natural nails gently scratching my scalp in one direction and the soft pads of her fingertips gently massaging in the other as she tousled my hair ever so gently. This first touch sent shivers down my spine and I settled in, getting deeply relaxed as she dipped her hands in aromatic oil and made long, firm strokes down the back of my neck and started relieving the tension in my tight muscles.

I melted down into a puddle of contentment, my head slowly working its way lower between her thighs and eventually, with each long stroke, ended up resting on the bedsheets. I realised her warm vagina was pressed up against the top of my head and made a cheeky joke about it. She just giggled and kept massaging me. I noticed she soon started gently grinding against me. She continued running her fingers through my hair and started going down across my beard. She pulled my face up ever so gently and pushed herself down into the crown of my head. So I pushed my body up the bed a little and my head went up harder against her heat. She moaned softly and my penis instantly sprang to attention, arousal replacing relaxation.

She leant forward over me and ran her hands down my chest and my tummy until she could just reach my hardening penis. Her breasts gently brushed my face as she did so and her nipples were pink and firm, contrasting the paleness of her milky white skin. She started to stroke my ever hardening penis in long, slow motions and slid her oily hands deep down to the base of my shaft and started to rub my balls. She used both hands and teased her fingers around my pubic area while she fondled my balls ever so softly. When I responded with a long soft moan and a big throb of my now fully erect cock, she repaid my compliment by grinding harder against the top of my head, with her very hot and very wet labia.

Then she lowered her face to mine, looked into my eyes from her upside down position, giggled and playfully asked, “Do you want Spider-Man to kiss me?” So I lifted my head up, placed my eager lips on hers and kissed her. It was gentle at first but then quickly it became deep and more forceful, like we wanted more but couldn’t quite reach what we needed. My tongue and her tongue were as deep as they could go in each other’s mouths and I bit her lip, which made her moan loader and she gripped my dick harder. It was now a feedback loop; every time I did what she wanted I was rewarded with a deeper kiss or a harder, longer stroke on my rock hard cock.

She pulled away and placed her breast in my mouth and told me to 'bite it hard'. I did as I was told  who I was to deny her? She shuddered and gripped my cock even tighter. She was in charge and I wasn’t going to argue. I reached up behind my head and slipped two fingers inside her, still laying on my back between her thighs while she sat up and alternated between reaching to my throbbing shaft and running her long strong fingers through my chest hair and beard. I fingered her slowly but deeply, pressing hard on her G-spot and curling my fingers in long, slow, deliberate motions. She reached down under my head and started rubbing her clit and pushed down onto my chest, grabbing a handful of my chest hair and holding onto me as if gravity had failed and she might be pulled away from me.

Our fingers worked together to pleasure her. My fingers working inside her to compliment her hand stroking her labia and clit, I wanted to make her cum and she didn’t disappoint. I reached up and grabbed her breasts firmly just as she exploded and her whole body shuddered and writhed whilst I was still laying between her thighs, pushing hard against her and stroking my dick while she squirmed and moaned in the grip of her ecstasy. Once she had recovered, we started biting each other, and not playful cute teasing bites...hard. She leant down and kept rubbing my cock and took my wrist in her mouth and bit it. Then she told me to do the same.

I bit her playfully in every place I could reach from my happy little prison between her thighs. I was her plaything and she had me right where she wanted me. I bit her soft pink nipples, tasting her post-orgasm sweat and inhaling her spicy floral perfume. I sucked on her thighs, our hands and lips. We were causing painful ecstasy in each other and we were in a trance of pleasure and a haze of ecstatic pain. We touched, bit, licked and found new places we didn’t even know aroused each other until I had to break free of her strong, smooth thighs that were keeping me captive and taking control…

I sat up and turned to face her, straddling her right thigh and spreading her left one wide apart with my hand, all in one motion, giving me full access to her dripping wetness. I take a moment to take stock of how lucky I am. She is beautiful but she doesn’t think so. She has light green eyes, almost a shade of yellow really, with deep dark pupils you can get lost in. She has full cherry-coloured lips, high cheekbones, and soft, pale white skin. Her face is beautifully framed by thick red hair that falls in waves over her shoulders and back. Her hips are curvy and are complemented by a voluptuous arse. She has perfectly round large firm breasts with big soft pink nipples that darken to crimson red when she is aroused. Her womanhood is neatly groomed, with a short patch of rust-coloured pubic hair. She has beautiful neat pussy lips and a firm little clit that begs to be teased. This woman is Venus, a goddess, and she needs to be pleasured as such…

I grab a fistful of her hair and pull back her head exposing her neck for me to bite and suck on. She shows her appreciation by moaning and once again grasping my penis laying prominently along her thigh. When she has me in her grasp, I push her firmly back against the bedhead. I slide my fingers deep inside her and started fingering her so hard and deep, curling my fingers back inside her. Then I move my free hand to her jaw and gently but firmly pin her against the bedhead. She grabs at my cock and wanks me hard and fast, I finger her in pace with her hand stroking me. She tells me to squeeze tighter, reaching up to lower my hand to her throat. She makes me squeeze my hand against her beautiful long neck. I can’t hold back, I blow. My massive load shoots out in pearlescent strings covering her in streaks of glistening semen. It’s all over her thighs and breasts, her stomach is covered.

She grips me painfully tight, her eyes roll back and she lets out a strangled moan under my strong hand, held firmly in place by her own. She takes a short sharp breath and convulses, her body shuddering uncontrollably until she reaches climax. She floods the bed with steaming hot liquid. It gushes everywhere, all over my hand and soaks the bed sheets. She loses all strength and begs me to stop. I oblige; we are both high on mutual satisfaction and exhausted. I release my grip, I hold her so gently and whisper, “Are you okay?” in her ear. She kisses me and softly replies, “Yes.”

Our foreheads pressed together, still kneeling in position, we stay there, my hand still inside her, her hand still cradling my cock. We kiss softly between heavy breaths, happy it ended but devastated it didn’t last forever. The intensity of the experience itself cannot be put into words. We were floating on a sea of ecstasy, lost in a fog of unearthly pleasure...

We relaxed, slid down onto the soft cotton sheets and just laid there on the bed with not a care in the world, her warm body cradled in my arms. We talked about everything and nothing, giggling, smiling, and holding each other until we drifted off to sleep.

Submitted by Sebastion from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

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