The Picnic & The Red Dress - Bedroom Fantasies #48

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I remember it well. How can I forget... It was late summer on a mild afternoon, a picnic by the forest and she wore that little red dress. 

It was perfectly cut for her...tight to her body and then it flared, but her shoulders still laid bare.

I didn’t know then but she had a secret hiding in that little red dress.

She sat close to me on a long wooden table with benches on each side. The food was plentiful and the drink was too. She held my arm tight with both hands, much like a child holding her little doll, and leaned her head on me. I reached out and gently placed a kiss on her head and whispered,  “I’m so happy to be here with you on this day, and you look so beautiful in your little red dress.”

She squeezed my arm tightly and looked up at me with a tiny little smile that was meant just for me. No words were spoken but much was said. She seemed so happy to be with me and wearing that little red dress.

We sat a little longer and for some reason, it felt like the forest belonged to us and us alone. We somehow blended with nature, with the sounds, with the smells.

She whispered gently with that voice that makes my whole body shiver as it penetrates my soul. "Let’s take a walk," she said, with a look that sets my senses on alert, a look of passion and fire that would soon burn out of control.

She held my hand and led me through the forest with tall trees and shrubs surrounding us. The rhythms of the forest were coming alive with every step we took. Much like Adam and Eve, we felt one with this garden, made just for us…

We picked wildflowers that I placed in her hair. They made her look even more radiant in that little red dress. We took a path that led to where it seemed a raging river had once flowed but was now just a gentle stream, a reminder of what it once was. We sat by the banks near where a big tree that had fallen as if it was pushed over and perfectly placed for us to lean upon.

I held her hand and kissed her once, then it all began...

Like the raging river that once flowed past, our passion grew stronger, our lust could not be contained.. She stops and pushes me back, turns and stands with her back against the leaning tree. She licks her lips, looks at me with her eyes on fire, and takes a breath before lowering her hands to catch the hem of her little red dress. Her tongue slides across her full lips, never taking her eyes off me...

Like the famous curtains of the Mariinsky Theatre, she slowly begins to raise the little red dress, her eyes still fixated on me.

“I have a secret I want to share.”

The red dress is now so high up, finally exposing her secret she has kept all day. I knew she was ready, her swollen lips told me as much, with a hint of pure silky nectar glistening in between her folds. She lifts her leg to rest it on a smooth stone. I fall to my knees in front of her, and she whispers, "Please taste my nectar that’s dripping out me..."

I gently run my tongue between her swollen lips. Her sweet sticky nectar is now dripping on my lips. She takes a deep breath and arches her back, her head swaying as the sound of deep, deep pleasure echoes out of her. Somehow the sound is not out of place, but as one with our surrounds. Her breathing is now faster and faster, and I can feel her climax getting near when she holds my head with both hands and pushes it deep into her.

“Yes...yes, baby, please don’t stop! Taste my sticky, salty nectar that I’ve saved all day for you..."

Her climax is long and multiple. I have her in a trance with every stroke of my tongue, and I love the look of pure, pure pleasure on her face. She looks down at me and bites her bottom lip, takes one final breath and just smiles at me. I’m still on my knees when the curtain slowly comes down. The little red dress' secret is now out...

I will never forget this picnic day. I will never forget her and that little red dress, or the secret she kept all day.

Submitted by Hector from Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

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