The Night Began - Bedroom Fantasies #70

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The Night Began - Bedroom Fantasies #70

The night began in my sister’s kitchen. She had gone away for the weekend and I had a spare key.

J arrived at 7.30pm, as arranged. I opened the door and kissed him, noticing that he had already been drinking – I could taste it as my tongue found his. He pulled away and we walked into the kitchen. I opened the fridge and pulled out a beer for him, plus a can of vodka, lime, and soda for me. I laid a plate of nibbles on the bench and asked him if he would like to look around. We took our drinks as he followed me. I could feel his eyes watching my behind.

I had finished my drink and was pretty keen for another as the anticipation was driving me crazy. As I got to the fridge, he grabbed me and started to kiss me hard and fast. His mouth found my neck and started gently running his tongue up and down, his hands grabbing my butt and pulling me closer to him. I could feel how hard he was...

He slid his hand under my dress, dragging the tip of his fingers up the inside of my left leg, brushing past my clit and down the other leg. He whispered to me, "You naughty girl, wearing no panties..." He then slid a finger deep inside my very wet pussy.

J then told me to grab us both another drink before he led me up the stairs to the master bedroom where I had laid a blanket on the bed so we didn’t mess up my sister's nice clean sheets. He grabbed the blanket and placed it on the floor, taking off his shoes before standing on the edge of the blanket and summoning me in front of him to kiss me...

The touch of his lips were ever so soft. He then placed both of his hands on my shoulders and pushed me down to my knees. He unzipped his jeans and out popped his rock hard cock. I took him eagerly in my mouth, just gently sliding my lips over the head of his throbbing cock at first. He groaned in pleasure and I felt his hands on the back of my head as he shoved himself all the way to the back of my throat. I gagged and he seemed to enjoy that as he held my head firmly into his groin.

I could feel his balls tightening in my hand and I knew he wasn’t far off shooting his load into my mouth, but before he could, he pulled away. He stood me up and slid my dress over my head where I then stood in nothing more than my bra. J admired my body and started to undress himself.

"Lay on the blanket," he said. He pulled my legs up and spread them wide, and I knew he could see my pussy glistening. "Mmm," he said as he buried his face in between my legs. His tongue skillfully found my clit and he slid one, then two fingers inside of me as I moaned in pleasure. It wasn’t long before I could feel myself on the edge of an orgasm.

J suddenly stopped as I begged for more. He said, "No, this is nowhere near over," and he pushed my legs apart and thrusted deep inside of me. I couldn’t believe how hard he was. He felt like heaven going in and out of my dripping wet pussy. He abruptly stopped again and gave me a playful look before grabbing me by the hand and walking me over to a chair outside the bedroom. He pushed me down and pulled my hair back while starting to kiss me teasingly. He then grabbed my leg and placed it over the arm of the chair as he picked up my hand.

"I want to watch you play with yourself."

I willingly obliged and my hand found my clit. He then placed his hand over mine and moved with me as I began to pleasure myself. I looked over and could see he too was pleasing himself. He then walked over to one side and stood there very erect, indicating for me to suck him. I smiled and took him in my mouth again, except this time, I could taste myself all over his cock...

He asked me if I liked the taste of myself. He then bent down slightly and started to slide his fingers in and out of me, slowly at first and then he built up pace. As he did, he found my G spot and worked it skillfully, teasing and rubbing harder and faster until I had this sensation I had never felt before. I squirted all over his hand and he did it again, and again. Each time, the urge to squirt was more intense. I looked up at him and the look on his face was one of pure pleasure – I'm sure mine was too. I couldn’t take any more and asked him to fuck me hard and fast. He declined and said that was enough for tonight, walking over to his clothes and getting dressed as he thanked me for an amazing night, kissed me, and left.

Neither of us came that night, but it was the most sexually satisfying experience I have ever had, at the hands of the most skillful lover ever...

Submitted by M&J from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

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