Slow Tease - Bedroom Fantasies #78

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Slow Tease - Bedroom Fantasies #78

The kids are in bed, the lights are out, and the candles are on. The smell of his skin is soaked into the sheets and is filling the room. You think you know what is coming, but are you really sure? There are no limits tonight. The little black box full of fun is sitting teasingly on the bed, just out of reach, as you try to navigate the straps holding your arms and legs to the bed. He ties a blindfold around your eyes and whispers in your ear not to make a sound. Your nightdress is ripped in two to reveal your breasts to the cool air; your nipples are hard.

Suddenly, the room starts to disappear and the kisses start at the ankles, making their way up your leg. They get closer to your thigh. Your breath is held, but they skip to your stomach. All the way up until they are at your breasts. Here there's no skipping, one breast caressed, sucked, and bit. The tingling of your nipple as he licks and flicks it excites you. You start to feel the moisture escaping. He moves to the second breast, doing the exact same with a little more intensity. You beg for more, beg to go further.

Slowly with the tips of his fingertips, he traces your body to your waist and onto your pubic line. It touches the outside of your vagina, teasing you. You squirm in your position, it's getting too much. He moves your flaps to the side ever-so-slightly to expose your juices. With a single finger, he traces from the top to the bottom, and back up. He stops at your clitoris and flicks it. The room is spinning.

He leans down and licks your clit with his studded tongue. It starts slow and gets faster and faster. He reaches for the little black box and pulls out the pink one, your favorite. Starting on the low speed, he pushes it against your already sensitive clit, it's overwhelming. You feel the wave building, then he removes it, taking the wave with him.

You beg him for it again and he complies. He puts it back on, inserts his fingers and tells you not to cum. You arch your back and resist the urge. It almost happens, but he takes it all away again. You feel like you're being tortured.

The next time he uses it, he inserts it in your pussy. The speed is all the way up and there's no going back. Thrusting it in you harder and deeper each time, you know this is it. You whisper, "It's coming."

Then it comes, the gush flows and squirts out. You know his face is beaming with pleasure and pride. You know he enjoyed that just as much as you.

He takes out the toy and swaps it for the one he was born with. The cock you love so much has finally entered you. You feel it hitting the sides of your pussy, you feel it scrape the spot that your previous wave just came from. He thrusts harder and harder, but stops. You beg for him to make you scream. He continues to swap his cock for the pink vibrator, back and forth. There's nothing you can do but take it.

He reaches for the little black box again, finding the clear plastic rings this time. He places the spikiest one on his cock and ever so slowly inserts it back inside you, now with an exciting new sensation. You feel the spikes on the walls inside your pussy. The intensity is getting more and more, pushing you closer to the edge...

With some skill he flips you over and up on all fours, using up all the slack in the ties. From behind he thrusts his dick into your pussy and fucks you with all he has. He takes every inch of his cock and gives it to you. Faster and faster. His hands are massaging your clit and tits. Your wave comes again, and this time you let out a scream because it's not stopping, the longest most intense orgasm you've ever had.

There's no going back now, he's nearly there. His wave is coming and his thrusts intensify as it does. You feel his cock deeper inside you than ever before. He says, "I'm coming." You tell him to give it to you, don't hold back, and he doesn't. It's the victory he was gunning for and he made it. You feel his juices inside you.

He climbs off and unties you. Laying together, smiling, still enjoying the aftereffects of the last few hours.

Submitted by DirtyMom from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

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