Sex in the Carpark - Bedroom Fantasies #98

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Sex in the Carpark - Bedroom Fantasies #98

It’s a warm, late summer evening. We walk to the restaurant, a little Italian place, tucked away down a city laneway. Beautiful but cosy inside. I’m wearing a short summer dress, quite figure-hugging. My boyfriend has just finished work so he is in slacks and a shirt. We sit, order drinks, then look at the menu. Champagne arrives and soon after, our entrée is placed on the table. My boyfriend has that look in his eye, which I’ve seen many times before, but tonight it’s very intense. He wants me, no question on that, the only decision is how and when.

He leans forward and whispers, "Go to the bathroom, take your underwear off and bring them to me." I look at him questioningly to see if he is serious, and there is no doubt he is. I do as I am told, returning a few minutes later with my G-string bunched up in my hand. He takes it and tucks it in his pocket. "You still have your bra on..." he says. I return to the bathroom and bring that back to him as well.

For the remainder of the meal, I sit there feeling exposed, submissive, but also aroused, and he knows it. I am quite sure my nipples have grown hard and that others in the restaurant have noticed. The main meal arrives, along with a glass of wine. We eat, drink and talk, and all the while the intense look in his eyes only deepens.

When we finish and stand to leave, others look up at me and I’m feeling incredibly self-conscious. The figure-hugging thin dress is leaving nothing to the imagination. I notice a couple of guys look at me for longer than they should.

We walk out of the restaurant. Lots of people around. My boyfriend subtly grabs me on the arse as he guides me back to where the car is parked. We take the lift to the 9th floor on the multi-level car park and walk from there to the car. There are quite a few cars there, but apparently no one else around.

He tells me to come to the front of the car, come and check out the lights and the view. I lean against the concrete wall, slightly above waist height, and the view is indeed beautiful. Lights, buildings, people down below, the skyline is magnificent.

He moves in behind me, places a hand on either side, and then uses his body weight to push me up against the wall. I can feel how hard he is, pressing against me. His hand slides down over my waist, then lifts my dress and slides between my legs, begins to explore.

Suddenly he drops to his knees and bites me gently on the arse, then he uses his hands on my waist to turn me around so I am facing him. He looks up at me longingly, then lifts my dress, and he begins to lick me.

He lifts my leg and encourages me to put my foot on the front bumper of the car, so he can have better access to please me more. And please me he does. Slowly, rhythmically. No rush. Not another care in the world. And I am right there with him, enjoying every second.

Suddenly I see movement out of the corner of my eye. Another couple walking down through the car park. He is on his phone and doesn’t notice us at all, but she does. She is a very attractive, middle-aged lady. My boyfriend doesn’t know they’re there so he continues. She looks at me, and straight away she knows what’s happening.

She slows her pace and our eyes lock. My reaction would normally be to stop, to be embarrassed, to get in the car. But her stare is intoxicating. Having her watch me is somewhat hypnotic. She starts to bite her bottom lip and I can tell she’s aroused by what she’s watching.

My boyfriend begins to quicken his pace on just the right spot, causing me to close my eyes and rock my head back. When I open them again I see she has moved on a little, but she is still looking back at me, watching. She continues to move along, her man completely ignorant to what’s happening, but she never stops watching me, watching my face.

Suddenly my boyfriend stands and pushes me down on the bonnet of the car, oblivious to my audience. I hear him unzip his pants and I know we are not yet finished. I watch the lady step into her car as my boyfriend begins to enter me from behind. She never breaks eye contact, simply smiling as she drives away.

Having someone watch me so closely, watching me being pleasured, not saying a word, sharing an unspoken, yet incredibly intimate moment has driven me wild! And I begin to push back hard against my boyfriend while that moment plays over in my head…

Submitted by Vanessa from Endeavour Hills, Victoria

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