Passionate Sex - Bedroom Fantasies #76

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Passionate Sex - Bedroom Fantasies #76

You walk in the door, pull me close, and kiss me. Slowly, softly passionately. Then kissing down my neck, driving me insane. When you get to my shoulder, you stop, remove my top, my bra, while I also remove your shirt. Pull me in closer again. Feel our torsos rub against each other while you’re kissing me. Don't rush it, enjoy every moment.

You then push me up against the wall, hold me there with one hand with my arms above my head, kissing me harder. Your need for me is evident with your every kiss. Pausing only to step back to take in the view of me topless, pinned to the wall, wanting more and more of you, you then resume kissing me. Slowly moving down my neck and ear, softly kissing, nibbling, sucking. Down my collarbone until you reach the center of my chest. Move down my body until you reach my boobs. Let go of my hands and now use both of yours to touch, kiss, lick, suck, enjoy every inch of my boobs, my chest, and my belly.

Feel me squirm because all I want is you, right now! But not yet. Slowly slide your hand up the center of my boobs until you reach my neck, firmly holding your hand around my throat, kiss your way back up my body, when you reach my mouth, kiss me hard, long, passionately. My hands are now free to touch you. I run my hands up and down your back, switching between gentle and hard scratches. Pulling you closer. All I want is you inside me, but not yet. With your free hand, you slip your hand up my skirt where you find a smooth naked pussy. Insert your fingers and feel how wet you have made me. Slowly sliding your fingers in and out as I moan and squirm under your touch.

Kissing me, slowly enjoying the feel of my wet pussy. Don't let go of my throat! Step back so you can watch me. Sliding your fingers in and out, getting faster and harder. I want to really feel you inside me. Watch me squirm, watch my face, tell me to open my eyes and I look into yours as you wish. Slide your wet fingers up to my clit, rubbing soft but fast and drive me insane. Kiss me as you do this. I lower my hands to your waist, undo your pants, drop them and your underwear to the floor, leaving you naked before me. 

Now stop touching me, guide me down the wall to the floor. On my knees I start licking and sucking your rock-hard cock. Sliding my tongue up and down, twirling my tongue round and round, feeling every inch of you. When you can't take any more, grab me by the hair, guide my mouth in the right position and fuck my mouth hard and fast until your cum drips down my throat.


Now guide me from the front door to the kitchen. Pick me up onto the table. Kiss me, hold me, touch my back, neck, boobs anywhere but my pussy!  Now lay me back, remove my skirt, spread my legs, grab my hand, guide it to my wet pussy, watch me! You want to see something, guide my hand, whisper what you want to see, help me play. Both of our hands working together. When you're ready, kiss my thigh until you reach my wet pussy, tease me, kiss my pussy, suck my pussy, lick every inch of my wet pussy. Move my legs to whatever position so you can explore every inch of me. Let me grind against and fuck your face until I cum. Once you’re hard again, turn me over and slowly insert your rock-hard cock into my begging pussy...

Fuck me hard! Hold my arse and hips tight, hold the back of my neck to the table, spank me, whatever you wish. I want to feel your hands on my body. Don't be gentle! I want to feel your cock slamming against me, but don't cum in my pussy! Stop before you do. Play with my arse, I love it! Such a turn on, and it feels good too. Now stick that rock-hard cock in my arse and fuck me! Harder, faster, pull my hair, let me feel every part of you until you cum inside! I'm your naughty little girl, punish me with pleasure!

Submitted by Firefighter Wife from Cranbourne, Victoria, Australia

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