My Gay Fantasy - Bedroom Fantasies #89

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My Gay Fantasy - Bedroom Fantasies #89

In my gay fantasy, we are at a warehouse party. It is a warehouse that holds many parties and we know it well. Freaks spill out onto the street, mingling in gutters — smoking cigarettes, taking a piss in the back alley, taking a breather from the pulsating, sweaty dancefloor. We walk outside and drift away from the crowd toward a back lane. Music and noise fill the air, though it is dulled by the night breeze.

I am in white tonight crisp white shorts, a tight ribbed fresh white cotton singlet, white socks, white shoes. My head is freshly shorn and on my head sits a white cap, emblazoned with a small peach emoji. You are wearing a white tee and blue denim jeans, which hug your hot round ass, your hair is cropped and your once smooth face now sports a five o’clock shadow.

You push me up against the brick wall and kiss me hard on the mouth. Your hands reach under my singlet, pinch my nipples. I suck your tongue as you twist them harder. I can feel you grow under your tight blue jeans — your junk brushes against mine, swelling at the heat of you. You free my cock from my jocks and pull it out of the opening of the inside leg of my shorts — you tug my cock, gently, as you kiss me. I’m hard in your hand. You whisper into my ear your next move — for my cock to be in your mouth. You drop your knees to the dusty asphalt of the dimly-lit lane, a few metres away from the party. Who cares if we’re seen, right?

You gently rearrange my cock, freeing me and pulling me out over the drawstring of my shorts, hard and heavy — I slap your beautiful stubbled face with my dick. You study my cock, now, pulsating and hard in your hand — you spit onto it and gaze up into my eyes as you place your mouth on the head. Your free hand inches across my belly, as you swallow me whole. In and out I watch as my cock reaches into the depths of your hot wet mouth  I can see you loving every second — your pleasure, adding heat, making me want to blow in your mouth. My hands are in your hair, gently, but not too softly. I tell you how hot you are, and how much I love being in your mouth. As I say this, I look down and you have undone your jean buttons, and you are stroking your cock — hard and fast. I am so close but I want to wait for you — I tell you I’m imagining your hot, thick cock inside my mouth and I want to swallow your cum. You moan, gagging on my own hard cock as I pull out and cum all over your lips. You unload all over your hot blue jeans. I bend over and lick it up.

Submitted by Grubkitsch from Sydney, NSW Australia

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