My Dom's Sexy Surprise - Bedroom Fantasies #106

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He had called me with instructions barely an hour ago. They were brief and had left no room for questions or debate. I had dressed as he told me, a black underbust corset and red thigh-high stockings with my collar, of course, marking me as his. I was waiting by the door, kneeling with my cuffs presented on outstretched palms when he arrived.

"Good girl," he said, taking the cuffs. A finger caressed my face and down my neck, hooking under my collar and pulling me up. I stood, my eyes meeting his. I enjoyed pleasing him and I especially enjoyed hearing those words. He pulled me close and kissed my neck, once, twice, three times, his beard tickling my skin. I sighed and leaned into him but he pulled away all too soon. I yelped as he pinched my hardened nipple and walked further into the house.

I followed, need already burning through me. I had no idea what he had planned but the thought excited me. We entered the bedroom and I sat on the bed holding my arms out for him. He knelt in front of me and put on the cuffs, first on my wrists, then my ankles. I shivered at his touch, a small caress of my thigh, before he stood. I moved further onto the bed as he picked up the first restraint and attached it to my wrist cuff. So slowly he added each restraint, carefully tightening each one as he went. I was breathing heavily by the time he finished, arms and legs outstretched across the bed. My back arched as I gently tested the restraints and without warning, he lent down and sucked my nipple, a rogue finger skimming my clit. I inhaled sharply as he straightened, the rogue finger at his lips, tasting me. My eyes widened and he chuckled, turning away.

He left the room and I waited impatiently as he had a shower. When he came back, I was surprised to see him fully dressed. He sat down in the dark corner, appearing to be waiting for something.  The doorbell rang and I jumped, rattling the restraints. I watched as he got up and left the room.  Two sets of footsteps echoed down the hallway. My heart raced.

She entered the room first. I could barely stop my jaw from dropping, she was stunning in all the ways I liked. A smile crept over her face as she took me in. He helped her out of the coat she was wearing, revealing strappy, leather-look lingerie and tattoos all over her skin. I drank it all in, excitement building so strongly I could barely stand it. I felt her move closer and looked up to see her admiring the selection of toys lined up on the bedside table, her fingers gently caressing them before selecting one. I swallowed. It was my favourite.

She sat down on the bed but did not touch me. For a long minute, she just looked, her eyes running over every inch of my body. Then she leaned in and I could barely breathe as she lowered her head to mine, her full lips just above my own.

"Are you ready?" she whispered. A choked yes escaped me. She smiled wickedly and licked my lips teasingly. "Good," she responded as the toy still in her hand began to vibrate.

Submitted by Carly from Seaford, Victoria, Australia

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