My Birthday Fantasy Surprise - Bedroom Fantasies #52

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My Birthday Fantasy Surprise - Bedroom Fantasies #52

I awoke, refreshed after a fantastic sleep. I looked next to me, my lovely wife looking back.

"Happy birthday, my love. I have one big surprise for you tonight. Firstly, I am Mistress today, you are to refer to me as M," she said, a wicked smirk across her face.

M continued. "Tonight when you get home, you are to shower in the guest shower and come to the bedroom naked at 7pm, no earlier." I nodded in agreement and said, "Yes M."

All day, I was super turned on, my pants were bulging from my arousal. I kept trying to imagine what my surprise could be. The more I let my mind delve into my fantasies, the more horny I became. Not much work was done today, lucky my boss was out all day. I tried to not move from my desk all day and if I did, I had to carry something in front of me to hide my bulge.

Finally, 5pm rolled around and I was done for the day, the weekend was here, and more importantly, I got to find out what my surprise was.

I get home and shower as instructed, and arrive at our bedroom door right at 7pm. M was waiting, dressed in black thigh-high stockings, a suspender belt and a loose sheer top that was opened at the front. It gently draped over her large breasts, her nipples easily visible. M had only just waxed so her pussy was smooth and sexy. M said, "I can see you are obviously excited," and looked down at my cock that was standing to attention. "Your surprise awaits for you on the other side of the door. Wait until you are called." I nodded and replied, "Yes, M."

M went inside and a few moments later I heard, "Enter."
I open the door and walk in. M is sitting in a chair close to the bed with a large ottoman in front, allowing her to have her legs up. I look across to the bed and there is a naked man laying there, smiling at me. I'm not attracted to men in the way I am to women, but I had to admit he was actually hot. His body was sculpted to perfection, muscles just right, his abs looked rock hard and then my eyes saw his cock. Wow went through my head, it was perfection.

M says, "This is Scott, he has agreed to let you live out your fantasy." I looked at Scott, and he said, "you can use your hands, tongue and mouth on me any way you choose."

Scott was positioned on his back but closer to M, I guess so she could have the best view. I make my way to the other side of the bed and climb on, kneeling beside Scott. I admire his body, muscular, toned, and totally hairless. I found myself being aroused by just gazing at this sexy man. I reach out and run my hands from his chest to his stomach, feeling the hardness of his muscles and bumps of his abs. I was surprised at how it made me feel, how I got even more aroused just by feeling his body.

I feel his nipples and tweak them. Scott smiles and says, "That's nice." I give my attention to his nipples making them hard, squeezing and flicking them. I know how nice that can feel, so I continued to pleasure him and I was enjoying it too. Scott moaned a little as I tweaked his nipples, flicking them with the tips of my fingers. I notice his cock throbbing as I play. My fingertips make circles over his pecs and rubbing against his nipples. With each pass, Scott lets out a little moan, his nipples now rock hard. I squeeze them quite firmly and Scott made a sudden gasp in pleasure. I bend down and lick the closest one as my fingers tweak, squeeze, and flick the other. Licking was so enjoyable. Bringing Scott pleasure was satisfying.

I look up and M is smiling at me, tweaking and squeezing her own nipples, pulling at them. I knew that look, the look that let me know she was getting turned on. My eyes admired her pussy, her legs spread, the wetness visible. My cock was throbbing, my senses getting overloaded, but they were soon to get even more.

My eyes drift lower, looking at his cut cock, hard and smooth. It's everything I had fantasised about, actually, what I had desired. Just looking at it makes my cock throb and my mouth water. I have dreamed about licking and sucking a cock like this countless times. Finally I was going to be able to taste his manhood, feel it against my lips, my hands, fingers, and tongue. I move between Scott's legs, his throbbing member in front of me.

I take a few moments to admire his cock and the shape of his balls sitting perfectly below. My eyes gradually make their way up, gazing at the shaft, all hard, smooth, and sexy. Finally, my eyes stare at the perfectly shaped mushroom head, my mind already awash with thoughts of how it is going to feel against my lips. Precum is already forming in droplets, with some already dripping onto his chiseled abs.

I need to touch, need to feel, need to know what it feels like, how hard it is. Will Scott like my touch as much as I am going to love touching him? My hands tremble a little as I reach out. My fingers lightly brush his balls and Scott lets out a sigh, a moan. My heart skips a beat. After just this small touch, I knew I wanted more, knew it was something that I needed. I cupped his balls and gently squeezed, rolling them around, feeling the weight as they rest in my palm, my excitement growing even more.

I hear M making noises and glance across, one hand squeezing her nipple, the other running up and down her glistening pussy. M looks at me and says, "Keep going, it's such a turn on watching you."

Seeing her fingers glide up and down her wet pussy was so hot, and as she pushed her fingers inside, I could hear how wet she was. M said, "I know you love watching me pleasure myself, but I want to see you pleasure Scott, and I know you want to as well."

I run my fingers lightly over his now tightening balls and up his shaft. My breathing has quickened, nervousness and excitement coursing through my body. The fingertips were relaying messages to my brain telling me how amazing it felt to be finally feeling and touching an amazing cock. I let my hand wrap around him and could feel it throb, more precum pooling on his stomach. I was surprised at how hard it felt but not at all surprised at how turned on it made me. I was finally touching a cock, but not just any cock, one that was beautiful, sexy and hot, and the feeling was more than I ever imagined.

M reaches her first orgasm. I was thinking that was quick. I notice M moving her hand from her pussy to her mouth and licking her fingers. M had been with women on a number of occasions, sometimes I was there, other times she would be on her own. M reaches down and pulls out a dildo, brings it up to her mouth and sucks it. She raises her eyebrows and winks at me, which is M's way of telling me what she wants to see. I bring my attention back to the hot man laying in front of me, my hand still wrapped around his exquisite dick.

I slide my hand up and feel the perfect head, which was soft compared to the shaft. I run my finger over the head, coating it in his precum and run it all over the soft tip. His cock throbbed again and more precum appeared on the tip. I lean forward and lick the end, making sure my tongue captures its wetness and draws it back into my mouth, allowing me to taste precum straight from the source. I roll my tongue around in my mouth, savouring his taste.

I knew what I wanted to do. No, it was more than that I needed to do it. I bend back down, my breath falling over his member. My tongue touches Scott's balls and I lick in a figure 8 pattern, with Scott moaning giving me approval. I also hear M moan in approval. I lick until his balls become coated in my saliva, cock throbbing. I take a ball into my mouth and suck gently, then do the other. "Oh fuck" passes through Scott's lips.

I trace the tip of my tongue up the length of the shaft, and then back down, repeating it over and over, the head is beckoning me. My tongue traces around the head mopping up the delicious precum, it is intoxicating. My mind is racing, heart pounding. My lips part and the head passes between my lips. Feeling the head as it slides back and forth was more than I could ever imagined, the softness of the head and the hardness of the shaft, how it filled my mouth. With every stroke, I let out an uncontrollable moan, and Scott is moaning, letting me know he is enjoying my mouth. My tongue makes circles and flicks the head as I suck. M is fucking her pussy with the lifelike dildo, breathing heavy as she heads towards another orgasm. I could feel how hard my cock was, that if it was any harder I would explode.

Slowly, slowly, I keep telling myself. Savour this experience, enjoy it. Oh that I am. Enjoyment is an understatement. I make sure that every stroke I make with my mouth is slow and deliberate. I listen to the moans and feel the throbbing, how hard it feels. I need to make sure I use every skill I have been taught by M and by the reaction of my gift, I know I am doing well.

I feel it get even harder against my lips, I know what is coming. I have thought about this so many times, am I going to take his load in my mouth, or take it out and pull it and watch the streams of cum? I love watching cocks cum but this time I knew I wanted to take his load. I moved my hand and wrapped it around his now wet member and started to pull in time with my sucking. Scott's moaning suddenly got louder. I could feel my own cock pulsing, I knew there would be a massive wet patch from the precum that had dripped from my dick.

My lips grip a bit tighter, and I feel Scott start to move his hips, I feel it get even harder in my mouth. I keep sucking and pulling, I wanted to keep sucking as I was loving it but I also wanted Scott to cum. A few more strokes with my hand I feel Scott buck his hips and I feel the first stream of cum coat my tongue, I keep pulling and a second and a third fills my wanting mouth. I pull my mouth off and swallow, enjoying the taste. I keep pulling milking every drop from him. I notice cum dribbling down his shaft. I lean forward and lick it up from the tip, taking him back in my mouth and sucking gently to make sure I have taken every last drop of cum. Scott jolted a bit so I knew he was extra sensitive now, so I remove my mouth and pull his dick until his breathing returns to normal. I reluctantly let go of his now softening shaft as Scott is smiling at me.

M pipes in, "That was fucking hot, can't wait to watch you do that again." M continued, "Scott, thank you, you can leave now." Scott gets up but leans into me and says, "You were amazing, any time you want, you can suck me off." Scott collected his clothes and left the bedroom.

Before I realised it, M was standing next to me, with her strap-on standing proud. I laid down and raised my legs as M lubed up and positioned herself, pressing the strap-on against my back entrance. I relaxed and breathed out as M pushed and the dildo slid in. It hit my P-spot and I moaned, it had never felt better. M was giving me the full treatment tonight. Slowly M fucked me, filling me time and time again. The knowing feeling of being on the verge of orgasm which only being pegged can give me was amazing. My stomach was covered in my precum, it was literally dripping. I was in absolute ecstasy. M fucked me for quite a while, making slight movements to give me the most pleasure. I was moaning so much, the pressure in the head of my cock was amazing.

M sensed that I wanted to cum and said, "Do you want your cock sucked?" I was torn, I wanted to continue being pegged but I needed to cum so badly. "Yes M, please suck my cock."

M slowly slid out of me, but quickly moved down and started licking up all my precum off my stomach and then the head of my cock. "Mmm, you taste great," M said. She parted her lips and devoured my cock, sucking and working her magic. It was honestly the best blowjob I had ever had, M was so turned on, moaning so loudly with every stroke of her mouth. I felt the familiar feeling building, I knew I was going to explode soon. M kept sucking and I said, "I'm going to cum." Usually M will take my cock out and I will cum all over myself but this time she kept her mouth in place. A few more sucks and I screamed out and I blew, M pulling at my cock, filling her mouth. I always loved cumming in M' s mouth as it feels so good. It felt like I came so much.

M took her mouth off and moved up and kissed me, filling my mouth with my cum, our tongues rubbing against each other. M pulls away and we both swallow. She continues to pull me, making sure I am completely spent. A bit more cum runs down my shaft onto her hand. When my breathing subsides, M lifts her hand to her mouth and licks the last of the cum off her fingers.

We lay down next to each other and M asks me, "Did you enjoy your birthday, because I loved watching you fulfil your fantasy."

I replied, "So much, it was even better than I could have ever imagined. The feeling of sucking cock was incredible and I now know why you love it so much."

M said, "I am so happy you have fulfilled your fantasy. Is this something you want to do again?"

I looked at M. "I would love to do that again."

M smiled and replied, "Well, I will have to get Scott back again, won't I? I can't believe how hot it was watching you suck his cock, I got so wet. Next time I think I would like both of you to pleasure me before you suck him off." I nodded and said, "That sounds like a great idea." We chatted for a little while, talking about what she wants us to do to her, and some other fantasies she has been thinking about. We cuddled and finally drifted off to sleep.

Submitted by Mr. P from North East Victoria, Australia

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    OMG. This was so hot. I could actually imagine myself right there.

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