Mister Fix It - Bedroom Fantasies #75

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Mister Fix It - Bedroom Fantasies #75

I woke up at about 9am, my pussy still wet from last night's dreams. It’s the sixth month of lockdown and I am starting to get restless. The toys and porn just don’t cut it anymore. I am all alone in my apartment and I need a big throbbing cock before I lose my mind. I saw my neighbour putting the bins out last night, she said that her plumber who came and fixed her pipes was so sexy, which has given me an idea.

I go to the garage and fetch a wrench before going into the bathroom. I take to the tap and bang it up a bit, then I call Cathy down the hall.

"I need a plumber, who did you get to fix yours?"

She quickly gives me his number. "His name is Jakobin," she says.

As soon as I hear that name, my pussy starts throbbing. I say "Thank you," and hang up the phone. 

Before I can think about what to do next, my fingers are typing down the numbers Cathy gave me. It’s dialling. The deep voice of a hard worker picks up the phone. "Hello, North Melbourne Plumbing, Jakobin speaking."

"Hmm, hi," I say, flustered. "I'm not sure what’s happened to my pipes, they’re broken, I need someone to come over and fix them," I say eagerly.

"Um, yeah, sure, is it urgent? We can only come to urgent calls in COVID," he says.

"Yes, it’s definitely urgent, I can’t shower and I’ve just been running and am very sweaty," I say hopingly.

"Okay, no worries, I can be there after lunch. Will you be okay until then?"

"Yes, I will see you then’. I give him my address and hang up the phone. 

I try and fill in my time by baking some brownies until Jakobin gets here. The day drags on slowly. I look to the clock and it hits 12:45. I am so flustered and horny I can’t wait any longer. I am about to call again to get an update when I hear the ding of my bell. "Hello," he says on the telecom.

"Yes, who is it?" I say in an unknowing voice.

"It's Jakobin, from North Melbourne Plumbing."

"Oh, I’ll buzz you up."

He gets to my apartment and I jump up straight away at his strong knock, greeting the sex god at the door.

"Hi, I’m Jess, the bathroom is this way, I don’t know what’s happened but it is a real mess!" I accidentally-on-purpose brush my hand past his round ass and say, "Oh, I’m so sorry!" The feeling alone of his jean-covered ass against my hand is enough to make my clit quiver and pool with wetness in my panties.

He follows me into the bathroom. I look at him as he takes in the very clearly self-inflicted injuries on my shower, and then he turns to look at me. I am naked, my nipples hard and pussy wet. He grabs me and throws me onto the washing machine. He says, "This was all a plan to get me here, wasn’t it?"

"Yes, now shut up and kiss me."

I put my hands down his pants and he is bigger than I thought. I can feel the veins of his throbbing cock as I stroke up and down.

"Yes, keep going," he says. I turn my face to his and put my tongue in his mouth as he slips his fingers into my wet pussy. "You’re so wet," he says. He brings his fingers, wet with my pussy juice to my nipples, and lubricates them up before he sucks on them. I then get onto my knees, salivating while I pull his manhood from his jeans. I suck until he says, "Stop, I’m about to finish and I want to cum in you."

He pulls me up and bends me over the washing machine. He slides into my wet pussy, moaning as he slaps my ass. He is rubbing my clit and it only takes a few pumps for me to cum. He then starts going faster and finishes his load in me. He fixes the taps and goes home.

Submitted by Claerwen from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

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