Late Night Snack - Bedroom Fantasies #77

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Late Night Snack - Bedroom Fantasies #77

We were driving back home together in your white Supra. I look out through the panoramic roof of your car where the raindrops are coloured by the blue lights hovering over us as we ride along the empty highway. You pass me the AUX and our hands touch. I feel a rush surge through my body. As I scroll through your playlist, I look up and catch your eye in the rearview mirror. My green-eyed monster smiles back at me devilishly. I melt.

My eyes fall onto the screen of your smartphone, scrolling to find the right song. I turn up the volume knob once I do, so that Jhene Aiko's song ‘Pussy Fairy’ starts to play through your speaker. Both of your hands are pressed on the wheel as we cruise along under the drizzle of Melbourne’s wet weather.

My heart is dancing along with the music, and we are both in a trance at this moment. I reach over to you, pulling my seatbelt so I can press my breast against the side of your arm and I whisper into your left ear, "Keep your eyes on the road baby." I suckle on your left earlobe, leaving a chaste kiss on your neck and say, "I promise to behave," knowing full well that that wasn't going to be true.

I feel you tense up, see your hands get tighter on the wheel, and you begin to squirm in your seat. I’ll bet that made you horny and you're waiting to see what's about to come next. You fix your rearview mirror a little upwards, aware that you have two things to focus on now. How frustrating is it? To play the chauffeur, eyes fixed on the road and focused while you're body hungers for me. You look at me briefly. We both communicate with our eyes, holding each other’s gaze intently, almost charming each other with unspoken words of curiosity. You look up at the rearview mirror again, licking and pressing your lips together in anticipation. I begin to slide off my black bodycon dress, strap by strap. I use the straps to tease you, pulling them up, to accentuate the plumpness of my girls, squeezing them while I use both hands to grab, tug and pinch on both my nipples tenderly.

I like toying with you this way. I slowly pull down my dress, exposing my couture strapless bra, getting excited by the self-arousal. I sneak you a smile and continue to feel myself, gently caressing my soft skin with the tips of my fingers, tracing each curve and dip of my body all the way down towards my kitty cat. I rub at my clit and inner thighs slowly, whimpering out pleasurable sounds. I wish it was your hands touching me instead. We lock eyes again, but this time you look ravenously hungry as you fix your sight back outwards into the night. Oh! I made him blush and I can tell that by the change in your demeanour.

I am enthralled to be this close to you but unable to jump your bones. I bring my hands upwards to my face, placing one finger inside of my mouth and suck it as if it was a delicious lollipop, letting out a suction pop sound that jolts you to press the accelerator. We are approaching our exit to the left. I begin to draw down my clothes length by length, exposing my faint line Turkish Delight script tattoo interwoven as a rose. There is a car behind us so you maintain the speed limit and let it overtake. I use my hands to cover my breast and bend down, kicking the rest of my clothes to the floor of your car and pick it up to toss in your lap. You hold it up to your nose and give me a romantic look my way, instantly making me laugh by your terrible movie star reenactment. I lean in towards your lap and run my hand over your toned arm and chest before letting it rest there, with my hairs splayed over your crotch. As I lift my head up, you sneakily give me a kiss on the nose, the most innocuous of places.

I move and kiss the side of your lips, biting you softly. I whisper in your ear again. "Are you having fun, baby?"

You say nonchalantly, "Not at all," with a smile. Now, I’m annoyed. You know that I don’t like to be challenged. I am going to torture you for that. You begin licking your lips when peering down at me and take the exit ramp.

I am flushed and horny, and I can only think about how hard you are. I sit back in the passenger seat until we arrive at the traffic lights. I am strapped in by the seat belt seat in my glorious nude state. This restraint is testing my patience. He fixes the placement of my dress on the dashboard as if it were a souvenir. The light is red for you but for me, it’s green. I pull the seat belt away from me to give some leeway as I try to unzip your pants.

"Babe, we're almost there, wait," you say as you look around, embarrassed by being out in the open. I flash you an innocent look and trace my tongue around my lips, tossing my hair to the side before bending down towards your pants. He begins to rub his cock as he looks at me and then out to the road again. A feeble protest.

I look at him and say, "Give me those three magical words, baby."

Looking around, you see the coast is pretty clear. "Suck my dick, please baby," you say with a weak smile. I bite my lip and the adrenaline slowly spikes. It feels so good to be this naughty with you. I begin to rub the length of your cock with my palm and tell you, "Baby, you’re so big." I lean over and begin to deepthroat him. You let out an astonishing moan. “Oh gosh, suck the life out of me,” you exhale. I make noises from the back of my mouth, slurping and swallowing you fully into my mouth as if it was eating a chocolate-coated banana. I put you in so deep that I gag and release my oral fixation for the moment. Saliva drools down my mouth and my fingers wipe the remainder of you around my pretty lips like rouge. I know you're pulsating for me now.

The lights turn green...

Your car makes a turbo noise and we skirt away into a nearby street, dark but perfect. It all happened so fast.

You put the car into park and turn off the ignition, flick your seatbelt off and mine, pulling me onto you so that I am straddling you now. With a deep coarse voice, you tell me, "Get over here, pussy fairy," and swiftly rip off my strapless bra. I bend towards your beautiful lips so tenderly, our lips crush together and part slowly, leaving me wanting more. You offer to turn the heater on since I am in the nude, but I dismiss the idea.

"Why?" I tease. "Can't you feel the heat already?"

You begin to kiss my lips again as a response, searching for my tongue desperately. Our breaths are hoarse and we are panting. You trace kisses from my neck down to my chest which makes me giggle. You squeeze my breasts, which meet your hands with excitement. I slowly grind my box on your hard cock. "You make me crazy," I whispering to you. I feel the rancour of your appetite as you suck on my nipples, licking them both generously. You use both hands to torture me, massaging my breast gently and devouring them with your mouth and tongue. You leave them throbbing and sensitive to the acrobatics of your hands and tongue. I’m your pottery and you mould something beautiful from me.

You massage my breasts with both hands again, kissing my sternum all the way down to my stomach. I close my eyes and let the euphoria engulf me completely. Your head is underneath mine and I can smell the musky fresh scent of your short hair. "You smell so good, baby," escapes my lips as your tongue meets my navel, gently landing kisses and playful bites all the way up towards my collarbone, marinating there subtly before sucking on my skin again like it was a much-needed Slurpee on a very hot summer's day. The feeling sends butterflies to my belly and a rush through my entire body.

You say, "I want to taste you." I begin to rock on your cock in amusement and this intensifies you further. You pull my hair back while I am pressed so hard against you. We both take that as a sign. I tell him, "This wet as pussy is yours for the taking, so stop your teasing, and fuck me already."

You pull my G-string to the slide and guide your cock around the walls of my pussy which sends ripples of delightful sensations through my body. You buck inwards slowly and I cry out with joy. My fingers are on my clit and rotate my pussy in circular motions whilst riding your cock up and down. The angle is not quite right, so you pull the seat back intuitively, and slowly I lower myself onto you, using your thighs and shoulder to balance me. I crush myself into you pivoting my hips forwards and backward trying to find the angle. I feel you hit my G-spot this way. I hug and caress your chest and nipples, our eyes meet with passionate intensity...

I roll my eyes back and feel the mounting climax. Gripping you tightly now, our breaths get heavier, my whole face and body tenses up in a sweat.

"Cum for me baby," you say invitingly, using your dexterous fingers to play with my waist and ass. At that point, I let you thrust one, two, and three, and I shudder. "Baby, ah huh, mmm, yes!" I cry out, releasing a breath in between pussy convulsions. The gush of juices flowing from my pussy is all over you. I push myself off you, rubbing my clit and raising my fingers to your lips. You lick my finger clean with your tongue. I look down at you, laying back with your arms crossed underneath your head, dazed by what has just happened.

"How do I taste?" I ask.

"Like Turkish delight, baby."

Submitted by Ms L Simpson from Wantirna South, Victoria, Australia

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