It's Been Too Long - Bedroom Fantasies #87

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It's Been Too Long - Bedroom Fantasies #87

It's been a long time since we've seen each other. Too long.

It's a Friday night and we're going to hang out, and just chill. You come over to my house and I greet you with the biggest hug I’ve ever given anyone. It was almost uncomfortable…for you at least. I lead you to the lounge room and I grab the laptop. We start with small talk and just chit chat about random stuff while I bring up the UberEats page. We discuss what we will eat and we settle on something from a local shop. I pour you a drink and sit near you. It’s getting a bit chilly in the air, and it’s clear the summer is coming to an end. Can just feel it. I get up and turn the heater on and then sit back down, about a foot closer than I was before, but still about a foot away from you.

I try to compose myself, but I'm nervous. I've missed you. I've missed everything about you.

Before long we pick something on Netflix but it's really just background stuff to break the potentially awkward silence in the room. We talk about kids and work and try to find a little detail to discuss that we had failed to mention in our previous chats. The nerves seem to fade away and I can't decide If it's the two shots I slammed before you got here or if I'm remembering what it's like to be near you and finding that comfort again.

I notice myself zoning out a little as you talk and I watch your lips move. Those lips. I think about what it was like to feel them against mine, and what gorgeous talent they had with my cock in your mouth...

I'm interrupted by a knock at the door. It's the UberEats guy. Saved by the bell. Not sure if that's a good thing. We close the doors and turn the lights off before serving up the food and digging in. You throw something at me and it hits me in the eye and we burst out laughing hysterically!
"Fuck off!” I shout while laughing like a seal. Through your laughter you look at me and say, "Yes, boss."

That's it. It's done.

The mood doesn’t change and we keep enjoying the night, but I saw it in your eyes and I know you saw it in mine. Those words. They changed everything. We finish eating and then watch the second half of the movie. I don’t even know what it was but you’re now laying against me with your arm around me. I can smell your shampoo. I can feel your heartbeat. I can hear your breathing. Every one of those things on its own drives me wild, but with all three, I’m like Captain Planet himself. I don’t even know where the time went but the next time I look up, the credits are rolling and I have no idea what happened in the movie.

We get up and tidy a little and you say you should probably go. I show an exaggerated sad face and say OK. I walk you to the door and as I open it, you take a step backwards into me and I know you've just closed your eyes. I can't even see you from the front, but I can picture it by the sound of the breath you just let out.

I wrap my arms around you tight and I kiss your neck. You put an arm up and bring it behind my head and pull my face harder into your neck as you tilt your head and let out a little moan. I know you can feel my hard cock pressing firmly up against your arse. My jeans are a barrier but they barely hold it back. You don’t hesitate as you bring your other hand behind your back and grab my cock firmly. You kick the wooden door closed with your foot and we don’t say a word…

I walk you back to the room and close the door behind me. I turn you around and kiss you. My knees shake. I've missed this. I've missed you. I can tell you've missed this too. You wrap your arms around me as we kiss and I walk you to the bed. My hands find their way under your top and the feeling of my fingertips on your skin is almost too much to handle for either of us. I reach up and unclip your bra with one hand and you sit on the edge of the bed. You look up at me as I pull your top up over your head. I suddenly don't feel the cold.

You're sitting on the edge of my bed, staring at my eyes as your hands undo my jeans and slide them down. You don't break eye contact as you grab my cock with one hand and guide it into your mouth. I watch you lovingly suck my soul out of my throbbing cock, but it's been too long. I won't last. I tell you I'm going to cum and you stop. You slowly slide my cock out of your mouth and give the tip a little kiss as you smile at me.

I take your hand and stand you up and kiss you again as I slide my jeans the rest of the way off my legs while trying to remove yours. I turn the lamp on and open the window. The sound of the thunderstorm outside is the perfect backdrop. I crawl up between your legs and explore your body with my hands. I kiss your legs slowly, gently, and carefully. I work my way up your thighs with my hands as I follow with my mouth. Before long my fingers are teasing your wet pussy slowly, making you gasp as I take one of your gorgeous breasts in my hand, squeezing it firmly as I kiss your nipple and flick my tongue over it before I slowly suck it into my mouth. I keep massaging it firmly as I move my mouth to your other breast and do the same. I look at you and kiss your lips again as I slide a finger inside you, kissing you harder as you let out a little moan. You try to kiss me back, but you can't concentrate. It's perfect.

I spend what feels like an hour just teasing you with my fingers and kissing your body everywhere. I can see your skin reacting to the occasional cool breeze that is brought by the storm. Through loud claps of thunder, I can almost hear your heart beating violently. Your hands keep finding my cock, giving it a bit of a squeeze and slowly stroking it, but I stop you, even though I don't want to. I don't want you to make me cum just yet. I think you've had enough of the teasing and you deserve your prize. I kiss you again and ask if you want my cock and you open your eyes and smile…

"Yes, boss."

I don’t waste any more time and I slide my cock deep inside you in one very slow and steady move. It fits inside you perfectly. It's throbbing as your pussy engulfs it, inch by inch, like it was made for my cock and mine alone. It's perfect. It's warm and wet, but not too wet. We make out and you dig your nails into my back a little as I start thrusting my cock in and out of you slowly. Very slowly. I don't want this feeling to ever stop. I'm using every bit of mental strength I have to not cum yet. It's almost like a game, and I’m not ready to stop playing.

You can see in my eyes that I need to cum but you can also tell what I'm doing. I decide to pass the reins to you and tell you I want you to ride me. You nod shyly. I pull out of your gorgeous pussy and move to your side, laying down. You roll onto your side towards me and I admire your body as my hands explore you again. It's raw, it's just pure sexual energy, but I know you must feel what I feel too, or at least can sense it from me. The way our eyes lock and stare at each other, you know it's not just sex for me.

You push me onto my back and start kissing me as you put your leg over me and straddle me. I can feel your breasts pressed firmly against my chest and I love it. I reach down as we keep kissing and I move my cock until it finds where it has to go, and I push it up inside you. You sit up, enjoying the feeling of having it inside you as far as it goes, and you slowly start moving your hips and rocking back and forth on my cock. I'm not even blinking as I watch your face and your expressions as you fuck me. I'm admiring every small detail as you enjoy my cock. I'm not even sure anymore if you're trying to fuck me, or just using my cock to fuck yourself, but it's hot as hell.

I can feel your pulse in your hands as you start moving on me faster and faster and I know that you're starting to get close to that beautiful orgasm. You lean forward into me and bury your face in my neck, and I help you. I start thrusting up into you and match your movements with my own. You try to silence a moan against my shoulder and I whisper, "I love the sounds you make."

You dig your nails into my other shoulder and I feel your body shudder as your pace is interrupted, and it sets me off too. You're cumming. Your pussy is pulsing on my rock-hard cock and I explode at the same time. You kiss me as you climb off my cock and collapse into my arms next to me. I turn my head and kiss your forehead as I pull the doona up over us and cuddle you tight as we drift off into the sounds of the storm.

Submitted by Paranoid Moose from Ferntree Gully, Victoria, Australia

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