Feverish Passion & Pleasures - Bedroom Fantasies #61

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Feverish Passion & Pleasures - Bedroom Fantasies #61

You walk in the door with that feeling that we have been apart for too long. Too long since you have held me in your arms, too long since you have kissed my supple lips, too long since you have felt yourself melt away within me.

You open the door and take a deep breath, holding it for longer than you require. You see me sitting with my back to you, you walk over and run your hand down my arm. The instant that your skin touches mine, a shiver travels down my spine, down through me, resting where I want you to touch me the most. The touch that I have waited so long to feel. I turn my head to the side and smile. No words are needed for you to know how much I have missed you and how much I have longed for your touch.

You lean down and place a kiss to the side of my neck and a moan escapes my lips. You know that you make me want you more and more with every touch, every kiss, every caress. You ease me up and out of my chair, still with my back to you. You wrap one arm around my waist and pull me in tight against you, grounding me to you, putting me where I belong and yearn to be. You move my hair away from my neck and begin to leave a trail of kisses from my ear down to my shoulder. I melt against you as all thought is drained from me, leaving me to only exist for you and this moment. You slowly turn me to face you. I look up into your eyes and see the love that you feel for me and the want you have, the want to feel me against your skin, the want to strip me of my clothes and to have me rub up against you.

Before I can take another breath, you crush me into a feverish passionate kiss, breathing me in, tasting me, taking what you desire. I break away from the kiss with a loud pop from my swollen lips. You know that I am yours and my desire to be taken by you, taken to heights that no one else can take me.

You grip both sides of my shirt and pull, the buttons popping off and hitting the walls and floor. You strip my shirt off my shoulders to reveal a black silk lacy bra, the only barrier now between your hands and my breasts. You yearn to squeeze them and roll my hardening nipples between your fingers, pinching them and making them hard from your touch. I reach around and unclasp my bra, allowing it to slide away and expose my breasts to the cool air and the touch of your warm hands. You roll my erect nipples between your thumb and forefinger, feeling them pucker and grow firmer. You lean over and suck one into your mouth, running your tongue over it, licking and sucking it in further and further. You begin to gently bite and nibble and all the while you are working on my other nipple with your other hand, keeping it hard and not wanting to make it feel unwanted and neglected.

My arousal is building and I can feel my pussy begin to ache, yearning for the same attention, yearning to have you run your hand over my mound until you slide your hand over my clit and into me. My juices begin to flow and you can smell my arousal in the air, arousal for you, for your touch, for you to taste me, to lick my juices, and to claim me as yours. You release the button on my pants and slide the zipper down, helping me slide out of my panties, leaving me naked in all my glory.

Sliding me back onto the table, you spread my legs wide to see me, all of me. My beautiful pussy is all shiny and coated in my juices. You run a finger between my folds, covering it in my shiny arousal. You run it over my lips, allowing me a taste. I lick my lips and savour the sweet taste of myself. With every passing stroke of your fingers around my opening and across my clit, my hips rise to meet you, wanting, yearning you to shove two fingers deep into me, to possess me, to control me, to control my release.

The aroma of my juices begins to heighten your need to bring me to my peak, to push me over the edge, to have me melt around you. You lower your mouth to my pussy and lick from my opening to my clit, stopping long enough to flick me with the end of your tongue, tasting me, drinking me in. You undo your jeans and allow them to fall to the ground around your feet, releasing your hard and throbbing cock, jutting out in all its glory. You run your hand up and down your shaft, rubbing your precum along your hard cock. You pull me up and off the table and into your lap to straddle you, rubbing your hard cock along my opening, coating it in my soft wet desire. I rise up and slowly slide my folds around you, squeezing you like no one else can. You hold your breath and we just savour the moment when we both become one. I begin to ride on your cock slowly at first and then faster and faster, taking all of you over and over again. My juices flow with every stoke, running down over your balls and between your arse cheeks. The slapping of our bodies gets harder and faster, bringing us both the point of no return.

Your balls pull tight to your body. I look into your eyes and know that it's time that I let my release take over me. My head falls back as I begin to cum. My walls close in on you, squeezing every last drop from you as you spurt your fill into me over and over, filling me, branding me, making me yours and only ever yours.

Submitted by Mrs. B from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

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