Erotic Reunion - Bedroom Fantasies #64

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erotic reunion bedroom fantasy

She had waited for his return from a work trip away, it had been weeks since they had laid eyes on each other and Amanda had wanted to reward her boyfriend for his persistence in snagging an earlier flight. She had planned his favourite seafood dinner, however, he was now arriving late at night and this called for a change of plans.

She flicked through her lingerie drawer and decided on a crotchless purple teddy and some heels to add a bit of height to her stature and help line up some important body parts whilst standing in front of her man. Given that Amanda had offered to come to the airport and pick Daniel up, a long back trench coat was going to be an important addition to get through the Melbourne winter to her destination. A destination she was longing to arrive at in more ways than one.

Amanda pulled up at the far end of arrivals and Daniel scooped her up, delighted to be reunited. In the cold night air the heat of his lips feverishly sought to warm Amanda's face. As their kiss became deeper he began to let his hands explore more of the body he had missed so much. Daniel's hand skirted along the buttons of Amanda's jacket before expertly sliding one open and delving his hand inside. He quickly realises Amanda's near nakedness under her jacket. She pulls him in close, feeling his excitement in his quickened breath and feels him hard against her leg. A quick flick of her hair and she summons Daniel to the car with a smouldering stare and a come-hither motion of her index finger.

They start their trip towards home with the dispersed streetlights periodically illuminating Amanda's plunging lingerie that is now exposed beneath her unbuttoned jacked. There are few cars on the road at this time of night and Daniel rests his hand on Amanda's upper thigh whilst making small talk about his time away. As they are talking, his gaze is fixed on her dark wavy hair that frames her face. He missed the smell of Amanda's hair and cannot wait to nestle into it, to drink in her aroma and the electricity she is exuding from under that trench coat. His hand slides to the inner side of her thigh as the coat is now allowing greater access. Daniel's hand dips beneath the jacket and his eyes widen as he realises what Amanda is wearing. He can feel her warmth and increasing wetness as his fingers start to explore. Still they continue their drive, both of them anxious to arrive home. Daniel strokes Amanda's clit gently with his finger as she sharply draws in her breath. She is starting to ache with the anticipation of what is to come. She wriggles in the driver's seat a little as she lets out a moan of approval, telling Daniel she can't wait to get him home. They arrive in their carpark and Daniel pulls Amanda closer to kiss her and slide his hand over her crotch to continue exploring this hidden outfit under her coat. She breathlessly pulls herself away from him and gets out of the car, encouraging Daniel to follow her toward the lift to their apartment.

Once in the lift Amanda opens her jacket to reveal her outfit for Daniel to admire. He devours her with his eyes before kneeling in front of her and allowing his tongue to slide all over her bare skin exposed by the lingerie. He keeps returning to Amanda's clit which is now throbbing and ready for more sucking and flicking once they reach their apartment. They burst through the door and Daniel prises the coat from her as he follows Amanda to the kitchen, pushing her forward so that her well-rounded bottom is pointing towards him and her hands are outstretched on the cool marble benchtop. He stands behind her and pulls her hips toward his with both hands. She can feel he is hard against her and the cool marble helps to arouse her nipples. He reaches around and runs his fingers gently across Amanda's hips and up the front of her thighs, teasing them. Daniel removes his clothing and reaches into the freezer for some ice. Amanda is still in position at the bench when he begins to trace her body with an ice block.

This ice block massage seems to go forever, she feels it tingle across her skin from the tips of her fingers, circling around her inner elbow, the nape of her neck and down around a figure of eight around her breasts. There is particular attention paid to her nipples before the ice travels across her stomach, hip, ankles and circles behind her knee on the journey back up. The ice then starts to replicate the stroking that Daniel had done so expertly with his fingers in the car, in the lift, and when they first arrived to the kitchen. Amanda's breathing is increasing and her body is starting to quiver as Daniel rhythmically starts to roll the ice across Amanda's hot, wet pussy. She gasps as he slides some ice inside her while he continues to stimulate her clit bringing her closer to orgasm. Amanda can feel Daniel sliding himself up against her and she wants to return the favour to him. Daniel's hard body against her, the cool of the marble on her chest and the ice block, along with the direct clit stimulation is enough to push Amanda to orgasm. She bites her bottom lip as her whole body shakes and she moans loudly as her body releases into Daniel's arms.

As Amanda catches her breath, she whispers to Daniel, "I'm not done with you yet!" and she takes his hand to lead him towards the couch. She sets him down, part on the chaise, part on the seat so he is half sitting up. Amanda kneels before Daniel so that he has one leg either side of her. He is already erect and highly anticipating Amanda's next move. Amanda runs her fingernails along the insides of Daniel's legs and up across his chest. She flicks his nipples on her way back down before cupping his testicles in her hands and running her tongue along the shaft of his cock. She circles the head with her tongue and flicks her tongue back and forth before sliding her mouth to take in his eager member. Amanda holds Daniel in her mouth and sucks hard while manoeuvring her tongue to pulse against his increasingly hard cock and stimulating his testicles with a rolling movement of her hand. She then swaps over to suck and lick his testicles and uses her hand to slide up and down the shaft to increase the pace, making him harder and bring him closer.

Daniel then whispers to Amanda how much he has missed being inside her. She feels an excitement and butterflies type of feeling wave through her stomach and groin as she stands in front of Daniel, who is lifting up one of Amanda's legs to the couch to give him better access for licking and sucking her clit again. She is so wet and is becoming increasingly desperate that Daniel fill her aching pussy with his hot and throbbing cock. Facing each other Amanda lowers herself onto Daniel and they both moan loudly as he enters her. Amanda slides up and down on Daniel, both enjoying this feeling they had both so desperately missed. She teases him by just bobbing up and down so the head of his cock is dipping inside her, then she slides further down the shaft so that they are locked together tightly at the hip and grinds against him so she can feel all of him inside her, pulsing hard. She loves the feeling of him being so deep inside her and grinds down on Daniel even harder to make sure she can feel every single millimetre of his manhood.

Daniel spies Amanda's favourite toy on the coffee table next to the couch, her Satisfyer Pro 2. He knows it's her favourite because she loves it so much she also has the travel version for when they go on weekends away. Daniel is pleased to recall Amanda has been using this on herself while they shared phone conversations from a distance. He knows what this toy can do for her. He also knows she loves the combination of the Satisfyer and him inside her. He picks up the pink toy and motions for Amanda to turn around so she is kneeling in front of him on the couch, straddling his hips and facing away from him so that he can have more freedom of movement with the toy. She gets herself into position and Daniel sits himself up a bit more so that he can assist with the fireworks he is about to create.

Daniel starts the toy, it's really quite loud, but that will soon be forgotten. Amanda is sitting on Daniel with him deep inside her. He gently parts her legs so that he can place the toy over her clit. There is a deep rumbling vibration that almost instantly makes Amanda clench her muscles, further tightening the cocoon that is softly enveloping Daniel's hard cock. Daniel increases the speed of the toy which makes Amanda writhe in pleasure and the clamp on him becomes tighter and all the more pleasurable. He continues to increase the speed of the toy as Amanda's breathing becomes quicker and she is now begging him to fuck her harder. The vibration from the toy is felt deeply inside and there is a delicious combination of heat, vibration, a soft cocoon and the titillating excitement of two bodies about to explode into each other. Amanda is now begging Daniel to cum with her, she is so close and she senses that he is also teetering on the edge. He gives the toy one more press which kicks the intensity up one more level, Amanda starts to moan and cum hard all over Daniel's cock. Daniel is also pushed over the edge by the massive squeeze and gush of wetness by the soft envelope he is sliding in and out of.

After a few minutes to regain some composure, Amanda dismounts from her position and kisses Daniel on the forehead. "Welcome home, baby," she breathlessly whispers before inviting him to the bath for some further recovery. As they relax in the warm bubble bath, Amanda casually mentions she made a purchase of a sex swing while he was away and is curious to know when he would like to have a trial run.

Submitted by Amanda from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

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