Date Night - Bedroom Fantasies #65

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Bedroom Fantasy Date Night

I see you looking at me from across the bar. While holding eye contact, I say goodnight to my girlfriends and work my way through the tightly packed dance floor. You reach me just as I’m about to walk through the doorway and trap me against the wall. Your hand slides under my skirt and lifts it up so you can slip your fingers under my G-string and between my soft, wet pussy lips. I shiver as you brush my clit and you slide your fingers away to lick my taste from them. I'm so turned on. I drag your head down and we make out so I can taste myself on your tongue. You grab my hand and pull me from the bar, and all I can do is follow you home.

We stumble as we make out against your yet-to-be-opened front door. We need to get inside so you release me slightly and fumble with the lock and key. Finally, we enter the dining room and I push you into a chair. I straddle you, my soaked pussy pushing onto your long, hard cock as I kiss and lick your neck. You run your hands up my thighs and notice properly that I'm wearing stockings and a very lacy G-string. Your heavy cock shudders in excitement. You yank my dress off my body, loving that you can see that my breasts are swollen and the nipples tightly peaking. I undress you, leaving only your boxers that are bulging and straining in all the right places. I slowly push my hands inside them, grabbing your hot, hard cock tightly in my hand and sliding you free.

I rub you up and down and tease your tip, I let go just as a little precum is released. You grab my bare arse and grind me against your cock, we both moan in pleasure. I feel a finger pushing against my arse hole, I begin to pant and wiggle, my pussy juices are running down onto your cock. Your tongue tangles with mine as we breathe into each other. You’re going to cum too easily, so you push me off you and pull me into your bedroom. You finally remove my black lacy bra and I stand before you in my G-string, stockings and very high heels, a dripping wet dream!

I kneel to the floor as you stand at attention before me, looking up at you as I lick the tip of your cock and you grab my head slowly pushing against my lips so they will open. My hot breath as you slide inside has you jerking your hips forcefully and I grab your arse to stop you from hitting the back of my throat, you are so big, I can't take anymore. I let you thrust a few more times into my hot wet mouth before I push you onto the bed and tell you to turn over. It's your turn for a massage.

I pour the oil you dug out from the bedside drawer into my hands and let it run down your arse crack onto your balls. I begin by massaging your arse, but your cock is so hard you need to kneel on all fours, your arse slightly in the air. I massage in big circles, hands sliding between the crack and rubbing your arse hole. You shudder as I grab your balls and squeeze slightly. I continue my exploration by sliding one hand between your legs to hold your cock while the oil makes you nice and slippery.

As I slide one hand up and down your cock, my other hand continues to massage your arse hole and squeezes your balls. You begin thrusting backwards and forwards to my massage, but it feels so good you can't take it for long. You spin around, pull me underneath you and plunge into my wet, swollen pussy, hard and fast. I gasp as you stretch me wide but you keep pounding. It feels amazing and I begin to squirm under you, telling you I'm going to cum. You push deeper and thrust in faster and faster and I explode all over your cock, my tight pussy squeezing you tightly and you can't hold on. You cum with a shout and a shudder and kiss me passionately!

I smile up at you and you feel your flaccid cock begin to harden again; you can’t get enough of me. You flip us both over and push up into me and I gasp at how deeply I can feel you as I begin to ride you. I slowly slide my wet pussy up and down your hard cock. I smile down into your face.

"God, I love fucking you," you say, watching me through half-glazed eyes. You lean up and grasp my head between your hands to kiss me passionately. You swirl your tongue around my mouth, licking my lips as we rock together.

The movement rubs my clit and I moan into your mouth and arch my back as you grasp my arse and thrust deeper. I can't take the pleasure and I explode again, my hot pulsing pussy milking you. You push me back onto the bed and begin thrusting faster, your fingers threaded between mine, holding my hands trapped above my head while you lick my nipples. I gaze into your eyes and you push faster and deeper, suddenly shuddering above me, filling me with your cum. You roll me on top of you and push your thick, satisfied cock back into my still swollen pussy. You’re still flaccid but you want to doze, still warm and tightly inside of me.

I wake later to hear the water switch on and see the steam leaking out from under the bathroom door. I hear you get into the shower and I slide out from the tangled bed sheets. I slide in behind you and run my hands across your strong, wet back. You spin around and we share a wet lingering kiss as you push me up against the shower wall and run your hands down my warm slippery body. As you slip your hands between my legs, I slide down the wall onto my knees, running my hands down your body until I'm face to face with your straining cock.

Your hands slide into my wet hair as I grasp your hard shaft and lean forward to wrap my lips tightly around your swollen tip. I slowly nibble at the head and lick down the pulsing vein as I softly squeeze your balls. Your hands grasp my hair, pulling a little and moaning your pleasure. My warm mouth slides back up and I open around your cock, engulfing as much as I can...I look up into your eyes and with my wet tongue out, you slide your hard cock around my mouth. You try to hold back but shudder and pump your cock further down my pump a few more times into my wet warm mouth...

I suck and lick, but I'm so turned on I reach between my legs, rubbing my clit and moaning my own pleasure. You can't watch me pleasuring myself without joining in anymore so you pull yourself out of my mouth with a pop and drag me up your body. You spin me around and push me hard up against the wall, my nipples immediately tightening as they touch the cold tiles. I thrust my arse up into the air as you grab my hips and plunge into my pussy. We both moan as you stretch me wide and push deeper and harder...I'm so wet... you reach around, squeezing my erect nipples and slide down to rub my clit as you plunge in and out of me...

I can't take it anymore and cum so hard, milking your cock. It's so tight and you know you’re going to cum, you groan as you pull out of me but grasp your cock in your hand, pumping hard until you cum all over my arse.

“Do you think your mum and dad will have the kids again next weekend?” you ask me with a cheeky smile as we sigh together!

Submitted by Ms L Simpson from Wantirna South, Victoria, Australia

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