Bittersweet (A Poem) - Bedroom Fantasies #72

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Bittersweet (A Poem) - Bedroom Fantasies #72

He was dangerous,
And I think that's what made him addictive.
He knew he was dangerous,
But it was far from vindictive.

He didn't have to beckon,
He didn't have to say a word,
His eyes did it for him,
And moral lines became blurred.

He was a hunter,
A tiger silently pacing,
Caught me in his sight,
And sent my heart racing.

I should have turned away then,
Before it went too far,
Before I lost my footing,
And fell beyond the stars.

You know how they say,
'If looks could kill'?
Well his? They devoured.
And I reveled in the thrill.

He knew what he wanted,
And worse, he knew what I desired,
He sent my body ablaze,
wanting, fired.

Flushed from lips, to cheeks, to neck,
Sending goose bumps along my spine,
He watched as I squirmed under his gaze,
And whispered so quietly, "Mine".

I danced like a puppet,
With strings detached,
And his eyes took me in,
As the lust matched.

And it felt sexy and right,
And altogether maddening,
But the lust clouded judgement,
And it just kept happening.

And as the tiger approached,
I couldn't run,
I laid down before him,
In the midday sun.

As he lowered his lips,
And I parted mine,
Time stopped, a moment,
And worlds aligned.

But I didn't lay down,
Because I never got close,
Because straying so far,
Is a lethal kind of dose.

By chance or by miracle,
He passed me on the street,
And he smiled at me, knowingly...
And it was bittersweet.

Submitted by RubyRex from South Gippsland, Victoria, Australia

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