Caged & Captive - Bedroom Fantasies #5

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Caged & Captive: One of my biggest fantasies involves being blindfolded, stripped naked and led in a tall cage with only enough room to stand... My hands are tied behind my back, with a rough rope that itches. The gaps between the bars are wide enough for hands to reach in, but I cannot escape. The lock clicks shut, securing me inside. I listen as footsteps walk away leaving me alone, breathing in the stale air and the scent of old cigarettes. Soon drone of music starts, drowning out almost any other noise, and people are let into the club. By my cage, is a sign... an invitation to indulge in the petting zoo.

I feel the first touch, a small hand tracing the shape of my breasts, and another using their nails to scrape down my spine. My insides feel like they're coursing with electricity, surging stronger with each strangers touch. Gasping with shock, I feel a finger slide between my legs, and push inside of me. I hear a deep voice try say something, but I cannot make out what he's saying, As his words are swept away by the music. I can smell the alcohol on his breath though, and feel as if he is pressed against the cage in hunger. I'm almost certain the fingers inside me belong to the voice, and I shiver with excitement. I can feel his fingers slip briefly out again, and begin to slither teasingly around my pussy and clit, causing a moan to escape my lips, and my back to curve.

Almost as if my reaction were permission, the fingers push back inside me again, this time forcefully, in a frantic continuous action. I shudder with delight, mind overwhelmed by the continuous succession of anonymous hands, and this one persistent man bringing me closer. My body pushes towards his fingers on its own, and I cant take it anymore. My skin feels alight, tingles flowing, till they swell into climax. I can feel the wetness pour down my legs, as he pulled his fingers out of me. They are almost instantly replaced by another set from another stranger. The gooey fingers, no longer inside, now freely start gliding up my stomach, my sternum, my neck. They meet my lips, as if to ask me to open my mouth, so I flick my tongue out and lick them clean before they are taken away. This only the beginning...

Throughout the night I blindly face an onslaught of exploratory hands. Some are gentle, feather light in their touch, others are careless, grabby, rough. I can feel myself weakening as time drags on... body shaking, heart pounding, unaware of how many strangers have touched my skin. Finally, the swell of the music recedes, and the crowd gradually disperses, and I am greeted by silence. All alone, I breathe in deeply and my skin is slick with sticky sweat.

Footsteps break the silence as a lone person approaches. I hear the click of the lock, and then the tug of the rope on my wrists being undone. Still blindfolded, I feel myself drawn into a warm familiar arms. I know this person, this man. Reaching up, he removes my blindfold so he can look into my eyes. With a tender smile he whispers "you did great bub," before kissing my forehead. I smile back, then cuddle into him, unable to find words. Carefully, my boyfriend lifts me up, and carries me out of the room so he can clean me up, and take me home as I'm his, and his alone...

- Submitted by Ms. T from Wheelers Hill

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